Be a hero!  Adopt a pet!


Save a pet today!

This website is
dedicated to shelter animals

To the many who weren't fortunate enough to find homes.

To the few who were lucky enough to be picked.
And to those who come in the future and may be saved as a result of this site.

Be a Hero!

If you are thinking of buying a pet, check out these shelters first.

You'll be surprised!  There are dogs & cats of every shape, size, and color.   Many are purebred; some may be housebroken; some may know a few tricks; and all will give you lots of love!

How do I adopt?

It's very simple.
1. Select a shelter.
2. Find the perfect dog or cat.
3. Contact the shelter to meet your new pet.  Please call as soon as possible.
These pets just don't have much time!

It couldn't be easier!   Everything you need to bring home a new best friend is right here.

Just click the link for a shelter close to you, then view the pictures of pets who need homes.

After you choose your dog or cat, simply call the shelter.  Please don't delay.   Adopt today!

       To make a donation
or volunteer at any of these shelters,
please call or email today