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Otis is a 2 year old, neutered male, Pit that came to us by his delightful owner. This is one of those stories that rips my heart out every time I recall it! The family comes in and says they have to surrender their dog aggressive Pit. We do paperwork and luckily started asking questions… 1st. Otis has spent the last 2 years in the backyard. Their Lab is an indoor female. When the female Lab sees anything she doesn’t like she starts barking incessantly. Well, the neighbors dog came into their yard and the female went berserk. Otis ran over and jumped on the intruder dog. Even though he didn’t hurt the neighbor dog the owner said… this is her words “he is a Pit so I know this is just the beginning of his aggression issues’. We feel that she is totally misunderstanding the situation, but we were unable to convince her. From there it only got worse. The lady brought Otis in the front door and he immediately put on the brakes!! Her daughter started frantically crying and kept saying “this isn’t right, this isn’t right”! Poor Otis was petrified, daughter is bawling and the Mother/Owner… she is laughing at the fact that she can’t get him to move! Here Otis is scared but when being wrapped for vaccines he nuzzled into the chest of the holder, just enjoying the ‘hug’! We really believe that with a good bath and some love, Otis has the potential to be a great pet! According to his previous family, Otis is good with cats, kids of all ages and other dogs (unless it is trying to attack his sister), He has been their outside pet since he was 2 months old and was never allowed in doors. He is described by the family as a social butterfly that is curious and playful. Otis loves car rides, playing with toys and going for walks. If you can help poor Otis, please let us know immediately!
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Dahlia - Lab/Pointer mix
10 Months   Female

Dahlia is a 10 month old, female, Lab/Pointer mix that came to us as an owner surrender. This pup has been through HELL! She started with her first family and was named Parvo because they thought she was a piece of crap! That family dumped her with a neighbor when they moved. The new family that stepped up to ‘rescue’ her felt she hadn’t been treated fairly and planned to improve her life. They renamed her Maisy and then put her on a chain in the yard. All was ‘good’ until she killed a chicken! That’s when they surrendered her to us. We met Parvo/Maisy/Dahlia when her ‘saviors’ were dragging her across the parking lot by her skin and hair. No leash, no collar just skin and hair! Besides a tear in her ear there doesn’t seem to be any real, permanent damage done to Dahlia. As you can imagine, she is slightly shy at times and will cower or try to hide, if she feels threatened. Dahlia sees to already know she has friends here and is very comfortable with the staff. When spending time with the staff, she seems to be a typical playful puppy, loving and happy! You just have to take your time for her to let her guard down!

Jiminy - Husky/Pyrenees mix
2 Years   Male - Neutered

Jiminy is a 2 year old, 56 pound, neutered male, Husky/ Pyrenees mix that has been here many times before. However; this time his owner decided to surrender him rather than pick him up. The last time they came to get Jiminy out of the facility, the Grandfather made several rude remarks such as “I hope he doesn’t make it home” and” maybe I should just shoot him”. Jiminy appears to be a sweet and friendly dog that just likes to run. He is good with kids, cats and other dogs according to his previous owner. They also told us that Jiminy is housebroken as well as crate trained. Truly his only problem seems to be his tendency to wander, but who can blame him with that breed mix!

Calpurnia - Catahoula/Cur mix
1 Year   Female

Calpurnia is a 1 year old, 53.6 pound, female, Catahoula/Cur mix that came to us as a stray. She has a lot of puppy left in her, but is by no means spazzy. Calpurnia is a playful, energetic and overall nice pup. She seems hesitant around certain men, especially ones in hats. She is food motivated and eager to listen and learn. Calpurnia does fine with the other dogs when walking through facility. She would love to find a family to play with and love!

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