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Marko is a 1 year old, 60.1 pound, unaltered male Lab/Pit mix that came to us as a stray. When he arrived it was clear that his ‘finder’ was his actual owner!! Marko was friendly and happy until staff tried to take him from the guy. He then began to growl. Unfortunately for safety reasons, Marko was placed on a control stick and led to the kennel. The next 24 hours Marko would growl when certain individuals, mainly officers, approached his kennel. However, now he is a completely different dog!! Marko is highly treat motivated and extremely intelligent. He knows several commands such as sit, shake, down, and speak. His only downfall is that although his previous family work with him on commands, they chose to ignore behaviors like jumping up when excited. Marko appears friendly when meeting dogs through the kennel regardless if he is inside or outside of said kennel. He wags his tail, smells and moves on. Marko is a really great dog and in the right home will surely flourish!!

RESCUE ONLY Maya is a 3 year old, 72.5 pound, female GSD that was surrendered to us due to the health of her owner. Unfortunately, this sweet girl has some anxiety and will need help dealing with these issues. According to her previous owner some of the things that seem to upset her are cellphones, shadows and reflections. Her previous Vet had Maya on Flouxetine and Alprozolam, but the owner decided to take her off of those and currently only has her on a CBD oil, which she claims is helping. We have spoken to the previous Vet and she was unware that Maya’s owner was not using the prescribed meds. Maya was purchased from someone in Texas back in February of 2018 and according to her newest owner, she does great with children as young as 10 and other male dogs. She also stated that Maya fought with a female GSD in her previous home and “is not friendly with small dogs because they‘ve been aggressive towards her” We are unsure as to how accurate this information is. In the short time she has been here, we have seen these issues may or may not have been assessed by the previous owner. Maya appears nervous, but not any more so than any other dog that comes into the facility. Maya takes treats, happily chews on her bone, and has been friendly with staff. She is not shutting down or showing any signs of aggression here in the facility.

Fallon is a 1 ˝ year old, 47.4 pound, male ABPT that came to us as a stray. He is an energetic boy that does great with new people. Fallon loves to play and run and walks fairly well on a leash. He seems to really want to play with other dogs, but has not been tested with dogs in our facility. Fallon is getting really tired of spending his days in a kennel and eagerly waiting for his new forever home!
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2018-10-04

Rooney - Dutch Shepherd/Aussie Mix
3 Years   Male

Rooney is a 3 year old, 33.7 pound, male Dutch Shepherd/Aussie mix that came to us as a stray. He arrived with an old scar on his back that appears to be from a burn of some sort, possibly a heating pad. Rooney is highly housebroken and will hold it for long periods of time, staff has to take him for walks in order for him to relieve himself. He walks nicely on a leash, but if he sees wildlife his prey drive kicks in! A home that has a fenced in area for Rooney and is free of small animals including cats, rodents and birds is a must for Rooney! We feel that Rooney is a huge fan of car rides as anytime he sees a car he focuses on th vehicle and then turns to look at you as if saying “Let’s do this!” Rooney knows basic commands such as sit and is a busy body that always appears interested in what is going on around him. He is really a great dog and in the right home, Rooney will make a great addition!

Taz - Pit
10 Years   Male - Neutered

Taz is a 10 year old, 62.9 pound, neutered male American Pit Bull Terrier that came to us after his owner could no longer care for him. Unfortunately his owner is homeless and was recently arrested. We did attempt to reunite him with his mom, but she has stopped all contact. Taz has now been in the facility for 2 weeks and is beyond ready to leave here. He is an older, easy going boy that is very sweet. Taz love to explore the play yard and smell all the news of the day. He likes to spend time with his people, but doesn’t need to be beside you constantly. In the kennel, Taz is vocal, but when outside or spending time with the staff he is a much quieter boy!

Stella - Lab Mix
4 Years   Female

Stella is a 4 year old, 51.6 pound, female Lab mix that came to us as a stray. She is an energetic girl that loves to chase toys and run around with the toy in her mouth. Stella will also bring the toy back when she sees you are ready to throw a new toy. She is a fun girl that likes to be engaged with her person. Stella does enjoy being pet, but really prefers to play. She is such a nice girl that is eagerly awaiting her new forever home!

Mr. Wiggles
1 Year   Male

Mr. Wiggles is a 1 year old, 70.2 pound, male Alentejo Mastiff that originally came to our facility as a stray. He is a friendly boy that doesn’t seem to know a stranger and has befriended everyone he has met! Mr. Wiggles is energetic, playful and seems to do fine with other dogs. He is a big boy that loves treats and can be easily motivated with them. Mr. Wiggles does a great job at keeping his kennel clean! He is looking to find his forever home!

Tottie - Staffordshire
1 Year   Female

Tottie is a 1 year old, 48.5 pound, female, Staffordshire Terrier that came to us as a stray. She is a smart and friendly girl that enjoys toys, but especially loves to play tug of war. Tottie does struggle a little on the leash and becomes overly excited, but has already started to learn the proper way to walk. She is treat motivated and eager to learn. Tottie enjoys being with her human either playing or just giving and/or receiving love. Tottie will surely be a great addition to an active and fun loving forever home!

Charlie - Cur/Vizsla Mix
1 Year   Male

Charlie is a 1 year old, unaltered male, Cur/Visla mix that came to us after his owner abandoned him. He is extremely cautious in this new environment, but warms up quickly and is very friendly with one person at a time. Charlie is fine with other people near him, but if they focus too much he gets nervous. Some of his favorite things are playing chase and tug of war. Charlie also loves his rope toys and appears very athletic. During his outdoor time, Charlie also enjoys affection, and will plop down in your lap with his belly exposed. He did seem slightly interested in other dogs, but didn’t pay a lot of attention to them as he was busy exploring. Charlie doesn’t really understand the leash, but is quickly learning.

Heath - Pit Mix
1 Year   Male

Heath is a 1 year old, 58.4 pound, unaltered male that came to us as a stray. This sweet boy responds well to his person, especially for a dog that clearly hasn’t been worked with. Heath prefers to be with his human and is not kenneling well in our facility. He love to explore and does well on a longer leash. When we placed him on a short leash he pulled a lot, once he had more length he seemed content. Heath likes to be outside and will relax and enjoys attention including massages, but doesn’t seem to be a needy dog. While out for his walk, Heath passed several other dogs in play areas and didn’t seem bothered by them. He did show interest in meeting them through the fence, and appeared to want to play.

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