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Otis is a 2 year old, neutered male, Pit that came to us by his delightful owner. This is one of those stories that rips my heart out every time I recall it! The family comes in and says they have to surrender their dog aggressive Pit. We do paperwork and luckily started asking questions… 1st. Otis has spent the last 2 years in the backyard. Their Lab is an indoor female. When the female Lab sees anything she doesn’t like she starts barking incessantly. Well, the neighbors dog came into their yard and the female went berserk. Otis ran over and jumped on the intruder dog. Even though he didn’t hurt the neighbor dog the owner said… this is her words “he is a Pit so I know this is just the beginning of his aggression issues’. We feel that she is totally misunderstanding the situation, but we were unable to convince her. From there it only got worse. The lady brought Otis in the front door and he immediately put on the brakes!! Her daughter started frantically crying and kept saying “this isn’t right, this isn’t right”! Poor Otis was petrified, daughter is bawling and the Mother/Owner… she is laughing at the fact that she can’t get him to move! Here Otis is scared but when being wrapped for vaccines he nuzzled into the chest of the holder, just enjoying the ‘hug’! We really believe that with a good bath and some love, Otis has the potential to be a great pet! According to his previous family, Otis is good with cats, kids of all ages and other dogs (unless it is trying to attack his sister), He has been their outside pet since he was 2 months old and was never allowed in doors. He is described by the family as a social butterfly that is curious and playful. Otis loves car rides, playing with toys and going for walks. If you can help poor Otis, please let us know immediately!
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2017-05-23

Coal - Shar Pei/Lab mix
4 Years   Male

Coal is a 4 year old, 72.4 pound, male Shar Pei/Lab mix that came to us as a stray. He is a very high energy boy that wants to play and jump. Coal is sweet and loving, but simply doesn’t realize his size. He doesn’t mean to be ‘rough’, he just really wants to play! Coal is in need of a dog savvy owner that can help teach him manners. This beautiful boy is not adjusting well to the small confines of the shelter and really needs to find a rescu as soon as possible!

Tallulah - Pit Mix
2 Years   Female

Tallulah is a 2 year old, female Pit mix that came to us as a stray. An officer was called out to pick up a dog that had been found 3 days prior. When the officer arrived, Tallulah was located in an outdoor kennel where the finder had been keeping her. Unfortunately the officer was forced to use a control stick as Tallulah was scared and growling. However; as soon as she was removed from the kennel, she calmed down and let the officer lift her into the truck. Once arriving at the shelter, Tallulah seemed skittish for the first few days, but now has become a joy to be around. She enjoys affection and is a sweet, playful girl with the staff and volunteers.

Dash - Dutch Shepherd mix
1 Year   Male - Neutered

Dash is a 1 yr old, neutered male (5/25/201), Dutch Shepherd mix that came to us as an owner surrender. His previous owner only had him for a month, after finding him as a stray. According to her, Dash is good with cats, children as young as 5 years and is both housebroken and crate trained. The previous owner described him as a lap loving, social butterfly that is active and playful. Dash arrived on May 8th, and was immediately a concern for the staff, not because of aggression, but simply his level of energy and intelligence. Dash is in need of much more than we can provide him in our facility. This is an extremely smart dog that focuses on you and loves to stay busy. Unfortunately the limits of our staff prevent him from getting the mental stimulation that he needs.

Ethylene - Hound mix
6 Years   Female

Ethylene is a 6 year old, 60.3 pound, female Hound mix that came to us as a stray. When this poor girl arrived she was not in the best shape. She was coved in a yeast infection and smelled horribly. Over time the staff has given her medication and even medicated baths. Luckily you can no longer smell her from a distance. Ethylene was extremely quiet when she first arrived, but is now playful and wants contant attention. She loves to stay close to you and wants to feel your hands on her. Ethylene does not seem bothered by any type of handling, if you are touching her she is happy.

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