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Franklin, IN 46131
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Grissom is a 7 month old, 35.9 pound, male Pit mix that came to us as a stray. This is a very nice pup that is sweet and loves to play. Grissom does a great job at listening and is attentive when the staff is working with him. He is learning the command sit and also how to look at you when you speak to him. Grissom clearly wants to learn and please his human, but still needs a little work on keeping him on all fours. When he does jump up, he is gentle and not at all forceful. This young boy is looking for someone that is willing to help him become the wonderful and loving adult dog that he was meant to be!


Bowdie is a 1 ½ year old, 69 pound, female American Bulldog that came to us as a stray. She is a very sweet girl that does know basic commands such as sit. Bowdie loves to play fetch and will get so excited when she sees a toy in your hand. Unfortunately wherever she came from, the family failed to teach Bowdie basic manners and she will knock you over with excitement. It is clear that she wants to behave and wants to make you happy, she just hasn’t been trained. Bowdie is looking for someone that will take the time to teach her proper manners and help her remember to stay on all fours. She promises to do her best and love her new family unconditionally!

Creature and Critter arrived at the facility together as strays. They are extremely bonded and we would require them leave together!

Creature is a 10 month old, 44.9 pound, spayed female Boxer/Husky mix. She is up to date on her Dappv, Bordetella and rabies. Creature is a friendly, well-socialized girl that seems to handle new environments and situations well. So far, she has been perfectly content with shelter life. Creature is a nice, calm dog to be around while still being active. We feel as if she could be adopted by a first time owner and feel comfortable letting just about any volunteer walk her. Creature is a real people pleaser and a very intelligent girl!

Critter is a 1 ½ year old, 52.1 pound, male Boxer/Smooth Coated Collie mix. He pulls on a leash and somehow manages to escape 6’ fences, even though no other dogs can get out. However; when Critter did escape he simply went into the garage and waited for someone to come out and find him. He really had no desire to run away. When presented with treats, Critter will quickly sit and lay on command. At times he can be a little rough with taking the treats, but does know the word ‘easy’. He is very treat/food motivated. Critter is a nice, friendly boy that can lack in manners at times. He walks nicely through the kennels, without starting fights. When you get handsy with him, he quickly begins to play. Critter really acts a lot like a puppy and will even use his feet to ‘play’.
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2017-02-24

Harley - Basenji mix
2 1/2 Years   Male - Neutered

Harley is a 2 ½ year old, 26.6 pound, neutered male, Basenji mix that came to us as a stray. He does have a microchip, but unfortunately it was not kept up to date and we were unable to locate his family. Harley was found in the median of a busy road, frozen with fear and crouched against the cement divider. As you can imagine, he was extremely terrified and took a couple of weeks before he warmed up to us! He is very playful and flirtatious with the staff. Harley likes to stomp his front feet and wag his tail to initiate play. However; he is still reserved with strangers and does have certain touch sensitivities. Harley had his first bath today as he was sticky and filthy, he did great and now looks and feels like a new dog! He knows basic commands, walks nicely on a leash and has clearly had someone in the past that worked with him. Harley likes to listen to you when you talk to him as if he actually understand every word. It didn’t take him long to become a staff favorite!!

Gus - Pit mix
8 Years   Male


Gus is an 8 year old, 58.5 pound, male Pit mix that came to us as a stray. He is probably one of the most affectionate dogs that we have ever had here. Gus loves attention and doesn’t care how you give it to him. If you are touching, tapping or pulling at him he is happy! When Gus saw a hamster in a cage he was intriqued, but quickly moved on. This intriqued us, so we showed him some kittens. Gus immediately froze and became fixated with them, he was ready to attack. While staring at the kittens, Gus became unaware of us or our commands. However; once we removed him from the room he was back to his loving self. Gus does enjoy treats and is food motivated, but more affection motivated than anything. This is a lovable, huggable, extremely likable dog that has clearly been loved by someone. We really hoped his family would come, but no one has. Hopefully someone will step up and help him find his way out of the shelter. We have very little luck with Pits and less luck with dogs older than 6.

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