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Phone PO Box 711
Location 1176 N. Gardner
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Hours Tuesday - Friday 5-7
Sat 1-3 pm
Closed Sunday & Monday
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"Little Stinker" ...His name says it all. This little kitten will give you the run for your money. He is a sweet little guy once he slows down. Fully vetted and ready to go. 3-4 months. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

When Princess first came to us she didn't act like she had ever been on a leash and was scared to death of it! She is much more comfortable now on leash. She likes to play with other dogs and since she is still a 10 to 12 month old puppy, she has a lot of energy! What a pretty girl!!!! Contact
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2023-09-27

"Alice" australian shepherd
8 - 9 yr   spayed female

Calm, relaxed gal. Very easy going. #50 pounds. Contact

"Star" boston/lab mix
1-2 yrs   female

one of three dogs turned in by owner who couldn't care for them any longer. Said to be housebroken. Heartworm positive. Contact

"Maliki" husky mix
12-13 wks   female

starting to walk ok on a leash! These little husky mix pups are so smart! Contact

"Duke" pit/jack russell mix
4 1/2 months   male

loves all people and wants to be close to his his human! Loves to play and chew! Would love to be in a home with other younger dogs that want to play with him and a younger family that can run and play too! about 20 pounds. Working on potty training. Please complete online application at

"Yancy" border collie/lab mix pup
3 1/2 months   neutered male

His name means:“free-spirited, and freedom loving”, which suits him! We believe Yancy is a Border Collie/Lab mix. He is a smart puppy with lots of energy, but also loves to cuddle on the couch. He gets along with everyone, and truly has a sweet personality! We are learning manners, and he can already “sit” on command! If you are interested in meeting Yancy, you can fill out an online application @ or email for additional information!

"Walter" walker hound mix
4 months   neutered male

Walter is a happy boy. He was found in a ditch of all things but it doesn't seem to affect his attitude! He loves to play and will play hard with the big boys in the household! Does a decent job on his housebreaking skills if his human is observant and keeps on top of it. OK in a crate. OK with cats. Contact

"Shilo" Anatolian Shepherd/Pyranese mix
2 yr   female

turned in because she killed a sheep. Seems good with all other animals. Good with children. Great on a leash!!! 90 pounds. Housebroken per owner.

"Tommy"schnauzer/terrier mix
10-12 months   male

Active, active, active!!!! Needs a big fenced yard to run in and a nice active friend to play with! About 40 pounds. Contact

"Raven" lab mix pup
12-14 wks   female

She and her sister are finally leading the good life! Ready to move into a permanent, lifetime home now! Contact

"Bi Eye Duke" pointer/lab mix
1 yr   male

turned in because he kept running out the door. Very timid at first but is now turning around and seems like he wants to interact with us. A really smart dog!! Housebroken. 47#. Contact

"Dash" bassett hound mix
1-2 yrs   neutered male

one of three turned in by owner who wasn't able to care for the dogs any longer. A little thin but seems happy and wants to be with people. Appears housebroken and super loving! Heartworm Positive. Contact for more information.

"Pixie" lab mix pup
12-14 wks   female

Haven't had the best life so far but it's going to get better from now on! Contact

"Odin" lab mix pup
10 wks   male

The most adventurous of the 3 culvert puppies. This little guy marches right up to you to get his fair share of attention! Happy and social!

"Olive" lab mix
10 wks   female

One of 3 puppies found in a culvert in the county. Olive is by far the shyest of the group but with lots of TLC, we think she will turn around. Contact

"Oscar" lab/shepherd mix pup
10 wks   male

Another of the 3 culvert puppies. This one is the biggest and looks different than the other 2. He is not quite as brave as his brother but is learning and will come to get some "lovin". Contact

"Quilla" blue heeler mix
1 yr   spayed female

Was so shy and backward at the shelter but has blossomed into a happy, very playful girl in her foster home who loves to play with her friend. Appears to be housebroken. Good on a leash now! Fun girl! Contact

"Bandit" husky mix
10-12 wk   male

Wow! What a perfect looking pup! Should be available within a week or 2. If interested, please complete online application at

"Kirra" husky/shepherd mix
1 yr   female

Kirra had 7 surprise puppies that are now old enough to start seeking homes of their own! Kirra is a pretty girl. She is a little shy at first but warms up nicely and really enjoys being petted. Kirra is sweet, gentle and smart. She has a nice coat and alert eyes. She gets along well with other dogs. Once she is spayed, she will be ready for adoption. Contact

"George" Shepherd mix
1 yr   neutered male

George is an active boy who doesn't have a mean bone in his body! He will need training for sure but he is willing to please. Came to us skinny with ribs sticking out but with a great diet and good vet care, he is now sleek and trim! A nice happy active companion would be good for him! Contact

"Rita" red ticked coonhound
1 yr   female

Very playful with other dogs. Pearly white teeth and seems like she has been well taken care of as far as her physical appearance. Will need a lot of exercise and that will help her be the very best of all dogs! Needs help on a leash so we are working on that now!!! Contact

"Tessie" shepherd/terrier mix
1 yr   female

Active little girl but she sure does love to be petted and pampered. She will just lay on her side while you rub her belly! We are working hard on trying to leash train her because she absolutely flops around like a fish out of water when you try to put a leash around her neck! Someone must have really terrified her with a leash. It's a work in progress! Contact

"Kate" husky/shepherd mix
1 yr   Spayed female

Kate is a great girl! she is very people oriented and wants to be with her person for affection. She is housebroken and crate trained as well. She is active and would love to have an active human to walk or jog with! She was a wanderer in her "old" life so a fenced yard would be preferred. Does well with other dogs but will chase cats! 45-47 pounds. Contact

"Roxie" pit bull
1-2 yrs   spayed female

Surrendered when owner found he needed to move. Quite a happy girl and wants to play! Strong on a leash! Good in a crate and has spent time inside. Sure seems like she might be housebroken!!! Contact

1 year   Female

Janell is a nice little tabby. She does well with the other cats and loves to see people walk in the door. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

"Opie" terrier pup
Born December, 2022   neutered male

Opie was in pretty poor shape when he came to us but his tail wagged and he seemed happy. Once he was wormed and had good food, he started filling and is looking so good. He is on the right path to become a completely new pup with a long life ahead! Opie is a sweet, happy pup and will make a wonderful addition to his furever family. Loves to play! About 40 pounds. Contact

10 months   Spayed Female

Dot is a very gentle short hair 10 month old spayed female. Look at that face with the perfect Dot on her chin. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

1 year   Spayed Female

Delilah does well with the other cats and always has her paw out to get a head rub from the volunteers. She will make a great pet for your family. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

6 months   Neutered Male

Bellamy is a sweet little guy who is just even tempered all the time. He will make a great pet for your family. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

tv time!!!!

TV TIME ... It didn't take these guys long to get into the swing of their new surroundings. They love their new cattery but would love a new "home sweet home" even more! Come by and see the cats!

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Saturday from 1-3 pm





If you have loved and lost a pet, you might want to write a memorial and send it to our local web site at along with a picture. What a great way to keep your pet's memory alive!


HUMANE SOCIETY OF SCOTT COUNTY, INDIANA is a non-profit organization, designed to aid the Scott County Animal Shelter, to have an aggressive adoption program in order to decrease the number of animals being euthanized, to release animals into the care of reputable rescue organizations, and to educate the community on the importance of spay/neuter and pet ownership responsibility.

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