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Phone PO Box 711
Location 1176 N. Gardner
Scottsburg, IN 47170
Hours Tuesday - Friday 4-6 pm
Sat 1-3 pm
Closed Sunday
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Delilah does well with the other cats and always has her paw out to get a head rub from the volunteers. She will make a great pet for your family. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

Razzle and friend, Dazzle, have always been barn dogs and helped the family run the farm! Gentle and used to being in a wireless fencing environment. They love children and would love to be back in a family with kids they can love. Contact
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2023-03-25

"Marigold" beagle
Adult   female

Little beagle that flunked her hunting test so ended up with us! We will find her a nice pet friendly home where she doesn't ever have to worry about living in a dog box again! Contact

"Violet" wirehaired terrier mix
1 yr   female

AT THE SCOTT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER...found by some good folks who coaxed little Violet into their car with some french fries! Loves those french fries! Hopefully, her owner is looking for her and will contact the shelter.

"Talley" border collie mix
1 yr   female

AT THE SCOTT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER. Seems like a nice young girl. Active and ready to play! 40-45 pounds

"Ophelia" min pin/ chihuahua
Senior   spayed female

found walking down road in town and brought to shelter so wouldn't get hurt. Funniest looking little old lady with very few teeth and can't see very well but she loves to cuddle with her people and snuggle under the blankets. Completely housebroken! Just got our teeth cleaned. Not a whole lot left but those that are still there are mighty pretty! Contact

"Apollo" beagle/boxer mix
2 yr   male

Due to death of owner and inability to keep the dog in the existing household, Apollo is now a part of the Humane Society home. He was a little concerned since he knew no one in his new environment but after being given a couple of days to relax, he now trusts us. Has been with owner since a pup. There were other dogs in the family as well so he is used to being a part of a pack and is comfortable with other dogs. Doing much better on his housebreaking skills and is an overall delightful boy! Contact

"Theodore" beagle
6 yr +   male

Theodore and his friend, Benjamin, are looking for new homes! They are happy, friendly boys who put their noses to the ground and started wandering! And, then got lost! Theodore has the thinner nose but that is about the only difference! They are both heartworm positive but such nice dogs, that we really want to get them treated so if you can help us financially, it would be appreciated! Contact

"Benjamin" Beagle
6 yrs +   male

Benjamin and his friend, Theodore, need a new home. They were found doing the "beagle" wander through the fields...probably lost and couldn't find their way back home! Friendly and happy boys. Benjamin has the bigger nose which is about the only way to tell the difference between the two! Heartworm Positive. If you could help financally with their treatment, it would be appreciated! Contact

"Misty" pointer/pit mix
4-5 months   female

Misty is an active pup that needs an active family. She absolutely loves attention and now that she is in a foster home, she is eating up all the love she is given! She is a very good pup that is learning her house manners very quickly. She seems truly grateful and eager to please. She gets along well with other dogs and also cats. Misty is a great little cuddle buddy and loves being with her people. Please fill out our adoption questionnaire at to see if Misty is a good match for your household.

"Huey" jack russell/beagle mix pup
4 months   male

Happy puppy that is getting used to his surroundings. Loves to play with his siblings but is just now starting to warm up to his foster mom. Getting better every day! Contact

"Biscuit" jack russell/beagle mix
4 months   male

Funny little boys who just really enjoy the stuffed animals and each other. Still a little shy with people but getting better. Contact

"Homer" jack russell/beagle mix pup
4 months   male

He has come a long way and will run to the front of the kennel now to say hello. Still not sure about you if you come inside the kennel with him and he will run just out of reach. Every day is getting better and he loves to play with his siblings. Contact

"Luna" boxer/ridgeback mix
1 yr   spayed female

If you love small dogs but have always wanted a slightly bigger dog, look no further! Luna is a small dog in a 40 pounds body. She is a perfect snuggler, cuddle and loves attention as she thinks she is a very small dog. We have no idea what her breed is but it sure would be interesting to know. She has a really neat ridge on her back and her ears are huge! he does fine with other dogs and loves to play chase outside in t he yard. Luna will require a fenced in yard as she will run like the wind if given the opportunity. Email for more information!

"Bella" lab mix
1-2 yrs   spayed female

Bella and her sister lost their home and were turned into the shelter. Bella is still available and has blossomed into a fun loving energetic young girl! She is about a year old and already spayed with all vetting current. She loves her people and would be a great companion for a family that wants a furry friend. 50#. Doesn't need another dog to be contented! Contact

Leonard Skinney- (Lenny) Border Collie/hound mix
6-7 yrs   Male

This guy has sure seen better days! Skin and bones with yuk teeth and infected skin! But he has a great will and a happy disposition AND he loves to play ball. He will even bring it back to you so you will keep on throwing it. Spent his life in a crate along with many other crated dogs...some of which obviously didn't get fed properly. Now, once he has gained weight and feels better, he will be free to go to a good home! Contact

"Dazzle" german shepherd mix
1 1-2 yrs   spayed female

Dazzle is bigger than her sister and a little more dependent. They were turned into the shelter and are still adjusting. Had been "barn" dogs and are good with children. Contact

"Loki" European German Shepherd
5 yrs   Neutered male

Loki, 5 yr old neutered European German Shepherd, was turned in by owner when there were some "chicken" issues. For the safety of the dog, he was turned in to the shelter to be safe from unhappy neighbors. He is a big boy but walks relatively good on a leash and is supposed to be housebroken although we can't confirm that. Loves people!!! Has been treated for heartworm and is now available to go to the right home! Contact

"Tank" hound/shepherd mix
6 yrs   neutered male

Has always been an outside dog but is so affectionate that it would be wonderful if someone would give him a chance to learn to be a housedog! Elderly owners were unable to care for him any longer and turned him into the shelter hoping that someone will want to give him a good home! Heartworm Positive which isn't surprising since he has always been an outside dog. (we have a real epidemic of this going on!) He is a large dog and can be dominant so if another dog in the household, it needs to be a larger dog. Contact

10 months   Female

Dot is a very gentle short hair. Look at that face with the perfect Dot on her chin. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

1 year   neutered Male

Thurston is such a pretty boy with his black and white coloring with the distinctive black smudge on his nose. Very sweet kitty. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

1 year   Female

All of you Russican Blue lovers look at Shade. She is a mix and not pure bred but you cannot tell it by looking at her. Very petite little lady. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

6 months   Neutered Male

Bellamy is a sweet little guy who is just even tempered all the time. He will make a great pet for your family. Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

9 months   Neutered Male

Ziggy, 9 month neutered orange male, had a twin brother named Zack and what one didn't get into the other one would. Brother Zack has now been adopted so it's Ziggy's turn for a furever home! Contact Sue at 812 820 1680 or

tv time!!!!

TV TIME ... It didn't take these guys long to get into the swing of their new surroundings. They love their new cattery but would love a new "home sweet home" even more! Come by and see the cats!

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Saturday from 1-3 pm





If you have loved and lost a pet, you might want to write a memorial and send it to our local web site at along with a picture. What a great way to keep your pet's memory alive!


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