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Alpo, young Boxer/mix
2 years   Male

Alpo (you can call me Al) is a handsome and sweet Boxer/mix, about 2 years old and 40 pounds. Short and compact, he has been friendly with everyone, very affectionate and fine on a leash too! Dark brown brindle with white.

Nate, young male Mountain Cur
3 years   Male

Nate is small and skinny, probably a Mountain Cur, about 40 pounds and needing some more nutrition to fill out. Maybe 3 years old he looks black and white, but then on closer inspection you find he has golden/brown brindle stripes in there too. A short little Mountain Cur tail and a calm, rather submissive personality.

Nick, pale and friendly Pit Bull Terrier
3 years   Male

Nick is a sad-faced Pit Bull Terrier, with a sparkling personality once he gets out of his kennel! He is very mopey in the shelter, we think partly because he is house-trained and doesn't like that he can't keep his pen clean when we are only there 3 times a week to get him out. He is very affectionate with people and wants to play with the other dogs. About 3 years old and a skinny 45 pounds.

Fiona, big beautiful girl!
3 years   Female

Fiona is a beautiful big girl, maybe 85 pounds and 3 years old. Easy to walk, ready to be friends with other dogs. Not sure if the splotchy coloring comes with the Pit Bull genes, or if that could indicate Catahoula or something else. She has pale eyes and her right one has a corner that is blue, makes her gaze seem more intense.

Elijah, handsome Heeler/mix
3 years   Male

Elijah is around 3 years old and 45 pounds, probably Australian Cattle Dog mix. Has startlingly bright blue eyes and pointy ears. Has been fine with other dogs, on the timid side, not eager to interact. Fine with people and fine with leash walking.

Tom, young Mountain Cur/Lab mix
16 months   Male

Tom and Jerry came in together as strays. Both young boys, likely littermates, maybe 16 months old and around 50 pounds. Another brindle pair, Tom is darker brown and Jerry has white on his face, they are likely Mountain Cur/Lab. Friendly and playful, affectionate and fine on a leash. Also good with other dogs.

Jerry, handsome young Mnt Cur/mix
16 months   Male

Tom and Jerry came in together as strays. Both young boys, likely littermates, maybe 16 months old and around 50 pounds. Another brindle pair, Tom is darker brown and Jerry has white on his face, they are likely Mountain Cur/Lab. Friendly and playful, affectionate and fine on a leash. Also good with other dogs.

Janie, small-scale Walker girl
3 years   Female

Janie is another cutie, this one a young and small-scale Walker Hound. About 3 years old and 45 pounds. She is very friendly, good with other dogs and people, and good to walk.

Stella, pretty Mountain Cur
7 years   Female

Stella is maybe 7 years old, a Mountain Cur with a black body and brindle face and legs. Friendly and energetic, good with other dogs, around 55 pounds.

Mitzi, pretty Shepherd/mix - Foster Home
12+ years   Female

Mitzi is an older girl, maybe 12 years and around 50 pounds. She came in with a bit of a limp so she went to the vet and we learned that she is very arthritic, affecting all four legs. She has had some medication and we are hoping she can walk a bit easier, and we are really hoping someone would like to adopt her and give her some cushy beds for her final year or two. Friendly and good with others, dogs and people. Maybe Shepherd/Boxer mix with a pretty reddish brown medium-length coat.

Gigi, Boxer/mix pup
6 months   Female

Beautiful blue Boxer/mix girl, about 6 months and maybe 40 pounds. Playful and friendly.

Alex, young Pit Bull/mix, friendly boy
2 years   Male

Alex is a small-scale Pit Bull/mix, about 2 years old and 44 pounds. Friendly and energetic, playful and good with others. Crazy pointy ears, black with a little splash of white.

Ethel, pretty Lab/mix
4 years   Female

Ethel and Lucy were surrendered together. Son went into the service and Dad dumped his dogs at the pound. Friendly with people and other dogs, around 4 years old and 65 pounds they appear to be Lab/mixes. Very energetic, strong on a leash, and ready to chase cats. Would love to have some room to romp in a feline-free zone.

Trina, cute and square ;-) Pit/mix
2 years   Female

Trina is another beautiful medium-stature Pit/mix, about 2 years old and 50 pounds. Black with a sheen of dark brown, she was surrendered by a family with two kids, 6 and 2 years old. She was friendly and fine with the 6-year-old, but they believe she was jealous of the little one. Seems very friendly and fine with other dogs.

Pickles, cute Pit/mix
4 years   Female

Pickles is predominantly black, but her left side profile is all white. Surrendered when family members couldn't decide who was just "looking after" her and who she belonged to, currently no one wants the responsibility :-(. Friendly and fine with everyone we've introduced her to. Around 4 years old and 50 pounds.

Bo, handsome Hound boy -- Foster Home
3 years   Male

Bo is a bouncing handsome Walker hound, ready to be friends and have some fun! Good with other dogs, fine to be friends or just sniff and walk away. Good with all types of people. Doesn't "like" cats, would rather they leave him alone, but is not aggressive, just wants them to quit sniffing him ;-). So . . . good with cats that don't want to interact with dogs, but would rather not have a cat trying to be friends with him! He has a lot of energy, would like a large yard to romp and play in. Has had a few days of crate training with ZERO accidents!

Baxter, bouncing Hound dog
3 years    Male

Baxter is a handsome and bouncy Black and Tan Coonhound, around 3 years old and 50 pounds. Another one who could use some training, he has been good with other dogs and people too -- just bouncy and a bit of a handful on the leash.

Jeff, big ol' cutie!
4 years   Male

Jeff is a big boy, maybe 80 pounds and 4 years old, looks like a Boxer/Shepherd mix. He has the cutest underbite that shows off some snaggly bottom teeth. Loves people, especially giving hugs. Can be ok with other dogs, but has shown some dominance in certain circumstances.

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