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Otis, friendly, tall Walker Hound
3 years   Male

Otis is a tall and lanky Walker hound, needs to add some weight to his bony frame. Likely 50 pounds now and around 3 years old, he is not super energetic, but friendly and good with others too.

Rocky, another beautiful Lab!
3 years   Male/neutered

Rocky is a handsome neutered/male Lab, came in with his brother Gus (with their names attached -- so we have 2 Rockies right now). Friendly, happy, energetic, playful, good with all! Around 3 years old and 65 pounds.

Gus, handsome neutered Lab
3 years   Male/neutered

Gus is a friendly and beautiful black Lab with a white stripe on his head. Bouncy and playful, good with all people and other dogs he's met. Came in with brother Rocky. Around 3 years old and 65 pounds. Already neutered! Loving and affectionate -- always want to be touching you (leaning against your leg or sitting on your foot are good options).

Millie, boisterous young Walker/mix
2 years   Female

Millie is a friendly, boisterous Walker/mix, stray, maybe 2 years old and too skinny -- maybe 45 pounds. Incredibly soft ears, long and silky. Friendly with other dogs, loves people.

Luxie, friendly young beauty!
3 years   Female/spayed

Luxie is a beautiful (shiny) girl, spayed and about 3 years old. Friendly with people and other dogs. Maybe a pocket Pittie with a flowing Lab tail ;-). Very expressive ears. Good with strangers and everyone she's met.

Max, friendly young man
1 year   Male

Max has a similar look and a similar story to Murphy. He was dumped on a back road and the man who saw it happen tried to keep him, but couldn't handle all the hyper spirits. He is about a year old and probably a Hound/mix -- maybe Mountain Cur or Lab? Friendly with people and other dogs too!

April, Mountain Cur puppy!
5 months   Female

April is a shy Mountain Cur pup, about 5 months old and about 30 pounds. Lanky and cute, she is still learning to trust people, but it helps when her sisters are getting attention and she gets jealous. Good on a leash, and loves to play with other dogs too.

May, Mountain Cur puppy!
5 months   Female

May is a friendly, bouncy, 25-pound puppy ready for a family of her own! Right now she enjoys playing with littermates April and June. Friendly with people too. Getting the hang of leash walking, but mostly wants to play! The darkest of the 3 girls, her coat is nearly black with some sparkle.

June, friendly Mountain Cur pup!
5 months   Female

June is a happy, brindle puppy, maybe 5 months old and 25 pounds. Getting comfortable on a leash, loves to play -- with her littermates or anyone else who's around. Friendly with people too.

Harley, Mountain Cur/mix
3 years   Male

Harley is a medium-build Mountain Cur/mix, maybe 3 years old and 50 pounds. Friendly with other dogs and people too, surrendered when his owners split up and both moved to places they couldn't take him.

Penny, sweetheart Hound
4 years   Female

Penny is a snuggly, female, tri-color Walker hound, maybe 4 years old and 55 pounds. Loves to roll around in the grass, walks fine on the leash, good with other dogs. Mostly likes to get hugs from people of all shapes and sizes -- friends and strangers.

Simba, happy 3 yr old Pit Bull Terrier
3 years   Male

Did I mention happy? Simba is a sweetheart of a big fellow, maybe 55 pounds and full of squishy hugs and kisses. Good with other dogs too!

Apollo, handsome Pit Bull, friendly and sweet!
3 years   Male/neutered

Apollo is a handsome fellow, sweet and friendly, good with other dogs, good with people, ready for safe place to land! About 3 years old and 55 pounds.

Linus, 4 yr old handsome Hound
4 years   Male

Linus is a maybe 4 year old Hound/mix, about 65 pounds who was surrendered after his owner passed away. He was very sad at first but has come out of his shell, a very bouncy fellow looking for a new family. Very strong, but walks fine on a leash. Friendly with people and other dogs.

Dove, beautiful chocolate Pit Bull Terrier
2 years   Female/spayed

Dove is a silky-smooth-and-sweet chocolatey treat, 2 years old and 45 pounds. A bit careful of new people, but quickly learns to trust and then is all playful energy! Walks fine on a leash, good with other dogs. She's got some crazy ears and a cute little furrowed brow. Ready find that special someone to give all her love to!

Charity, friendly red/white Am Staff/mix
5 years   Female/spayed

Charity has a short history of not being good with other dogs, though she has behaved like a model citizen with us. And she found a friend, another adult female, so maybe she just got a bad rap/rep:

Friendly with people of all sizes she has met with us. Already spayed, and micro-chipped. She is about 5 years old and 50 pounds.

Rocky, handsome boy with crazy ears
3   Male

Rocky is a handsome boy, about 3 years old and 50 pounds. A chunk of pretty red and white Pit Bull Terrier! Playful and energetic, good with other dogs and people too. Just let that beautiful face draw you in, you won't regret it!

Jeff, big ol' cutie!
4 years   Male

Jeff is a big boy, maybe 80 pounds and 4 years old, looks like a Boxer/Shepherd mix. He has the cutest underbite that shows off some snaggly bottom teeth. Loves people, especially giving hugs. Can be ok with other dogs, but has shown some dominance in certain circumstances.

**Adoption Pending** Percy, handsome Am Staff/mix
2 years   Male/neutered

Percy is a pretty Am Staff/mix, tan all over with a black muzzle. Full of energy and a bit dominant with others, Percy is probably 2 years old and 60 muscular pounds. A great big head with a great smile! Loves all people, gets along with other dogs when they agree he is the boss ;-).

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