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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2017-05-24

Alvin, cute little tri-color
3 years   Male

Alvin is a cute little Australian Cattle Dog-looking/mix, about 3 years old, fun and energetic. Friendly with people and other dogs too. About 40 pounds. UTD on vaccinations.

Dixie, young and friendly Red beauty
2 years   Female

Dixie is a gorgeous Redbone-looking girl about 2 years old, also fun and friendly! Goofy face and seems good with other dogs too. Around 50 pounds. Easy on a leash. UTD on vaccinations.

Evian, gentle blonde Lab/mix, young and sweet
2 years   Female

Evian is a sweet, gentle, submissive Lab/Shepherd looking female. New to a leash, but doing great -- no pulling, just a little slow going. About 1 or 2 years old, 50 or 60 pounds. UTD on vaccinations.

Bandit, friendly bouncing Hound/mix
1 year   Male

Bandit is a bouncing, beautiful boy, likely a Hound mix, male, around 1 year old and 50 pounds. Friendly, energetic, maybe on the hyper-side, but good with other dogs and people too. UTD on vaccinations.

Sandy, male Shep/mix, full of energy
3 years   Male

Sandy is a bouncing male Shepherd/Lab-looking mix, another surrender this week, left without a home when his owners split up and then decided neither wanted to keep him. Around 3 years old and a thin 60 pounds, he has a lot of energy. Friendly with other dogs he's met. UTD on vaccinations.

Clyde, cute Shar Pei/mix, friendly too!
3 years   Male/neutered

Clyde is a handsome Shar Pei/Pit Bull mix, about 3 years old and 55 pounds. Surrendered when his family moved and couldn't take him with them, he seems to be good with other dogs. A little strong on the leash, but willing to listen. Super-cute face! UTD on vaccinations.

Marmaduke, 4 yr old Huge Hound!
4 years   Male

Marmaduke is a huge, handful of a hound dog! Huge paws and head, not super tall, he is a bit of a handful on a leash, but friendly with people and other dogs too! UTD on vaccinations.

Hunter, friendly and fun, 7 yr old neutered Beagle
7 years   Male/neutered

Friendly handsome fellow with a great personality. 7 years old, neutered male, loves other dogs and people too! Not to be trusted with cats, he is a bit of a hound dog on that front ;-). UTD on vaccinations.

Priscilla, ~50 lb Bluetick Coonhound
4 years   Female/spayed

Priscilla is a friendly female Bluetick Coonhound. Maybe 4 years old and 50 pounds, she is on the short side for a hound. Very friendly with other dogs and people too. UTD on vaccinations.

Pinky, 2 yr old, 62 lb special boy!
2 years   Male/neutered

Pinky is a handsome guy, with a longer story. He's about 2 years old, 62 pounds, neutered American Staffordshire Terrier. He is very friendly with people and fine with other dogs. He has a history of separation anxiety, and getting left at the county pound didn't do him a lot of good. With a lot of time and effort he has come a long way! He obsesses over some items (leashes and a bicycle tire are his favorites) but can be chill and seems to be realizing he is in a safe place, for now. A forever home would be his best remedy!

Randy, playful Rott/mix, ~2
2 years   Male

Randy is a playful male Rottweiler/mix, around 2 years old and 60 pounds. Good with people and dogs too. Ready to play and romp and play some more. UTD on vaccinations.

Boss 82 lb Pit Bull, big and friendly
3 years   Male/neutered

Boss is a handsome, large, Am Staff/Pit Bull who is ready for safe place to land. Neutered and 82 whole pounds, he is one solid rock of a dog! Friendly with people and female dogs, he is dominant with other males. Maybe that tendency will fade as he's just been neutered. Energetic and ready to play. Would love a big yard of his own! UTD on vaccinations.

Sam, 9r yr old sweetheart
10 years   Male

Sam is a beautiful, friendly boy about 10 years old and purportedly a purebred stock dog, but we didn't hear the breed name. 95 pounds and very strong, but will leash walk without too much pulling. Friendly with some other dogs, a bit bossy with others. Ready for a safe place to call home for the rest of his life! UTD on vaccinations.

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