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Rocky, handsome boy with crazy ears
3   Male

Rocky is a handsome boy, about 3 years old and 50 pounds. A chunk of pretty red and white Pit Bull Terrier! Playful and energetic, has been good with other dogs we've introduced him to.

Grace, beautiful and sweet Mastiff/mix
4 years   Female

Grace is a beautiful Mastiff/mix with a brown/brindle coat. Sweet and easy on a leash, she weighs in at 65 pounds and just wants to be your best friend! Great with other dogs and everyone she meets!

Faith, beautiful black Mastiff/mix
4 years   Female

Faith is a beautiful black Mastiff/mix with piercing brown eyes. Surrendered with her friends, she is about 4 years old and 65 pounds. Easy on a leash and friendly with other dogs.

Boomer, young Boxer/mix, friendly boy
1 year   Male/neutered

Boomer is a handsome young Boxer/mix, another surrender, this one because his owners were moving and couldn't manage to keep him. Already neutered! Friendly and good with other dogs, too. Looks about 1 year old and 45 pounds.

Jeff, big ol' cutie!
4 years   Male

Jeff is a big boy, maybe 80 pounds and 4 years old, looks like a Boxer/Shepherd mix. He has the cutest underbite that shows off some snaggly bottom teeth. Loves people, especially giving hugs. Can be ok with other dogs, but has shown some dominance in certain circumstances.

Jasper, 4 yr old Shep/mix
4 years   Male

Jasper is around 4 years old and looks like Shepherd/Boxer mix. Was very scared at landing at the pound but quickly learned the volunteers are his friends and walks are fun! Getting better with leash skills every time. Good with other dogs, around 55 pounds.

Dove, beautiful chocolate Pit Bull Terrier
2 years   Female

Dove is a silky-smooth-and-sweet chocolatey treat, 2 years old and 45 pounds. A bit careful of new people, but quickly learns to trust and then is all playful energy! Walks fine on a leash, good with other dogs. She's got some crazy ears and a great smile

Zeus, friendly and playful, 1 yr old
1 year   Male

Zeus is another friendly one, about 1 year old and small-scale, maybe 45 pound American Bulldog/Boxer mix. Bouncy and playful, new to a leash but learning quickly. Friendly with other dogs and people too.

Harvey, skinny Redtick, friendly boy
3 years   Male

Harvey, a skinny Redtick Coonhound/mix is a nice little hound dog, too skinny for his own good, but we're working on fixing that. About 3 years and approaching 50 pounds. Friendly, energetic, fine with others.

Percy, handsome Am Staff/mix
2 years   Male

Percy is a pretty Am Staff/mix, tan all over with a black muzzle. Full of energy and a bit dominant with others, Percy is probably 2 years old and 60 muscular pounds. A great big head with a great smile!

Skippy, red cutie, friendly energetic boy
3 years   Male

Skippy is a cute little red boy, a mixture of ??? maybe Foxhound and Boxer. A nice boy, full of energy and loves other dogs as long as they don't try to pick a fight with him. About 3 years old and 40 pounds.

Sport, super friendly, tall and handsome
3 years   Male/neutered

Sport looks to be 2 or 3 years old and 65 pounds, with some ribs showing. Friendly and energetic, good with other dogs. A tri-color Hound/Lab-looking mix. Such a sweetie, always wants to get approval from his handler. Loves to play too.

Red Robin, male Redtick hound
4 years   Male/neutered

Red Robin is a handsome Redtick Coonhound, maybe 4 years old and 55 pounds. Good with people and other dogs. Energetic and friendly.

He's famous! Check out his video on Facebook:

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