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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2017-02-22

Rosie, 2 yr old Boxer/mix -- friendly beauty
2 years   Female/spayed

Meet beautiful red Rosie! She is super-friendly, loves to give kisses and sit in laps, although she's bit big for a lap dog. Around 45 pounds, she is good with dogs her size and smaller, but gets a bit defensive around bigger dogs. Seems fine with cats as well.

**Rescue Pending** Felix, friendly Spitz-type, 5+ yrs, 30 lbs
5+ years   Male

Felix is a handsome little man and very friendly! Loves to nuzzle and kiss your hand. Easy as pie on a leash. Fine with other dogs, doesn't seem too interested in them, just loves people! Maybe 5 years old, maybe a few more years old ;-). Around 30 pounds with a beautiful black coat and flowing tail.

Danny, Beagle/mix, young and cute!
18 months   Male

Danny is a gorgeous fellow, maybe 18 months old, Beagle mixed with something bushy-tailed -- maybe from the Spitz family? Around 40 pounds and very energetic. Bouncy and happy, he is good with people but needs to learn better manners around other dogs. He does listen to instruction, so we expect him to get better with a little bit of time and energy.

Boss 82 lb Pit Bull, big and friendly
3 years   Male/neutered

Boss is a handsome, large, Am Staff/Pit Bull who is ready for safe place to land. Neutered and 82 whole pounds, he is one solid rock of a dog! Friendly with people and female dogs, he is dominant with other males. Maybe that tendency will fade as he's just been neutered. Energetic and ready to play. Would love a big yard of his own!

Rascal, 5 yr old Mountain Cur
5 years    Male

Rascal is a 5-year-old, male, officially registered, Mountain Cur. Friendly, but scared at being dumped at the pound :-/. Around 45 pounds and rather thin, he seems friendly with other dogs and definitely hopes you will gaze into his brown eyes and say "Yes, I will give you a safe home".

Juliet, long and lanky Lab/mix
3 years   Female/spayed

Our beautiful Juliet has had a spa day! Great with the groomer, even for her toenail trim. She is good with all people, it's just the canines who she is too picky about. Lots of energy, would love a safe home with kids! About 3 years old, 45 pounds. Spayed and UTD on shots.

Sam, 9r yr old sweetheart
9 years   Male

Sam is a beautiful, friendly boy who was surrendered by his owner, in tears, because she didn't have time for him and had kept him on a huge log chain. Good that she knows he deserves better, but infuriating that she couldn't find a solution to her own problem! Sam is 9 years old and purportedly a purebred stock dog, but we didn't hear the breed name. Maybe someone out there will recognize it from his pictures. He seems to be a good boy, about 95 pounds and very strong, but will leash walk without too much pulling.

Tank, young red/brindle Pit/mix maybe Shar Pei
2 years   Male

Tank is a handsome red/brindle American Staffordshire Terrier/Shar Pei-looking /mix. Friendly and strong and about 2 years old. Maybe 60 pounds. Always smiling! An energetic boy, he is wishing for a happy home with someone who wants some exercise!

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