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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2021-07-28

Murphy-Basset Beagle mix
2   Female

Sweet Murph weights in around 20lbs. She came into the shelter with her other 2 siblings, Tank and Snickers. All were severely neglected and covered with more fleas than you could imagine. Murphy was hardly moving when we got her to the hospital. She has made a full recovery and doing great. She has come out of her shell and wants to act like a puppy again.

Oscar-Curr/Pitt Mix
5   Male

Oscar lovers everyone including other dogs. He is a curr/pitt mix and weights in around 65 lbs and is about 5 years old. He came into the shelter as a stray and is now ready to find a wonderful home with other dogs.

Snickers Basset/Beagle Mix
2   Male

Snickers came to the shelter with his other siblings, Murphy and Tank. All very neglected and flea invested. Too much longer they would have surely not survived the world they were introduced too. Very Sad. But now they are with us, thriving and doing great. Snickers weights in around 25 lbs and is the life of the party.

Ruth-Mountain Curr
4   Female

Meet sweet Ruth. She is a Mountain Curr around 4 years old, weights in around 50lbs and is as sweet as they come. She gets along with other dogs and loves humans. She was sadly surrendered to the shelter because of medical issues with the owner.

Brandy-Pitt Mix
8-10   Female

Brandy was brought into the shelter as a stray however rumor has it she was dumped with a bag of food. What a terrible experience for this girl. She came into the shelter scared to death. We need to find a home for her ASAP. She is between 8-10 years old and is sweet as can be. Gets along with other dogs and lovers going on walks. Check out those gorgeous eyes she has! If your looking for an older dog, she may be a great fit!

Tank-Basset Beagle Mix

Tank came into the shelter with his siblings, Murphy and Snickers. All three were in very poor condition do to neglect. Today all are thriving and just want to be pupps again to experience that better than before. Tank is the leader of the pack and has alot of energy. Loves to play and swim in the pool

Ace-Lab/pitt mix
3 years   Male

Ace came into the shelter as a stray and weighs in at 70 lbs. He has been neutered and ready to go. He loves the volunteers and enjoys long walks.

8 months   Male

Frankie came into the shelter with his brother Colby as strays. Frankie loves people and is your typical pup that just wants to play. Frankie weights in around 30 lbs.

Hank-Blue Heeler
4   Male

Hank is a beautiful Blue-Heeler. He is smart and loves all the volunteers. He needs a home that has a fenced in yard so he can run and plan. Hank needs to be the only animal in the home.

Gracie-Coon Hound
6 years old   Female

This is sweet Gracie. She came into the shelter as a stray and is such a good girl. She loves to be around people and loves her long walks. She is around 6 years old. Please consider coming down to the shelter to meet this fabulous little lady.

Madison-Black Lab
5 years   Female

Madison is such a sweet and loving gale. Gets along good with other dogs and absolutely loves the volunteers at the shelter. Madison was originally a stray and then was surrendered back to the shelter at no fault of hers. She weighs in at 60 lbs. She will be an absolute joy in your home.

Colby-Beagle Lab Mix
8 months   Male

Sweet Colby and his brother Frankie came into the shelter as strays. Colby is the brown and black dog and Frankie is the black dog. Colby weights in at 40 lbs. Typical puppies that love to play and thrives on human companionship.

Twilight -Short Hair
5   Male

Twilight came into the shelter as a stray and has been fixed and has rabies. Sweet laid back boy but needs a little extra human companionship because he is a little Leary of humans

Skip-English Shepherd/Husky mix
3 yrs   Male

Skip is a 65lb black and white with brown English Shepherd/ Husky mix. He has a lot of energy and loves to be outside. He's not too fond of other dogs, so may be best suited in a house where he is the top (only) dog and preferably a fenced in yard. Skip is an amazingly smart dog and catches on quick. Skip loves humans and loves his toys. I truly cannot understand how Skip has not found his forever home!! Please consider meeting Skip.

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