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Gigi, Boxer/mix pup
6 months   Female

Beautiful blue Boxer/mix girl, about 6 months and maybe 40 pounds. Playful and friendly.

Hank, handsome Yellow man
7 years   Male

Hank is a handsome older man, maybe 7 years old and 70 pounds, but underweight. Yellow Lab/Mastiff is best guess. Friendly, calm and was fine with other dogs he met today, boys and girls, big and small.

**Rescue pending** Sarah, lovely Shepherd/mix
2 years   Female

Sarah is a friendly young Shepherd/mix. Playful and happy, left abandoned in a pen with 4 other dogs when her owners moved away. Not used to a leash, but seems willing to learn. Good with other dogs and people, including kids.

Zoe, big beautiful Pit Bull
3 years   Female

Zoe is a big girl, beautiful buff with a sheen of lavender --I'm not kidding, her color is very different. Pit Bull Terrier, maybe 3 years old and 80 lbs. She is a chunk of pretty Pittie! She is not friendly with strangers, but warms up without too much effort. Has been good with other dogs of all shapes and sizes. Not used to a leash, very strong, but should learn with a little effort.

Alex, young Pit Bull/mix, friendly boy
2 years   Male

Alex is a small-scale Pit Bull/mix, about 2 years old and 44 pounds. Friendly and energetic, playful and good with others. Crazy pointy ears, black with a little splash of white.

Mitzi, pretty Shepherd/mix
6+ years   Female

Mitzi is an older girl, maybe 6+ years and around 50 pounds. She has a slight hitch in her step, maybe arthritis in her right rear leg. Friendly and good with others, dogs and people. Easy walk. Maybe Shepherd/Boxer mix with a pretty reddish brown medium-length coat.

Max, older Lab/mix
7 years   Male/neutered

Max is a very handsome, very fluffy boy. Maybe Lab/Newfie. Calm and friendly, except maybe around the highway. He was surrendered for chasing cars when his owner said they'd rather give him up than pay the fine :-(. So many sad stories. But a lucky day for someone new to love this wonderful boy!

**Rescue pending** Oscar, young Shepherd mix
2 years   Male

Oscar is a young and friendly Shepherd/Hound mix, probably 2 years old and 50 pounds. He was abandoned with 4 other dogs and hasn't had a lot of leash-work, but he is friendly and willing to learn. Good with other dogs.

Charlie, big handsome puppy
6 months   Male

Charlie is a very big, very sweet puppy. Probably between 6 and 9 months old and around 50 pounds (and underweight), he is likely Mountain Cur/mix and his paws say he may get a bit bigger. Beautiful boy, calm and easy-going.

Patches, young and beautiful
1 year   Female

Patches is a beautiful young girl, maybe 1 year old and 55 pounds. All white but her cute little eye patch. Seems friendly with the other dogs. People in the neighborhood where she was picked up (after a week of running around loose) say she was good with kids and everyone, but they didn't know where she came from.

Trina, cute and square ;-) Pit/mix
2 years   Female

Trina is another beautiful medium-stature Pit/mix, about 2 years old and 50 pounds. Black with a sheen of dark brown, she was surrendered by a family with two kids, 6 and 2 years old. She was friendly and fine with the 6-year-old, but they believe she was jealous of the little one. Seems very friendly and fine with other dogs.

Pickles, cute Pit/mix
4 years   Female

Pickles is predominantly black, but her left side profile is all white. Surrendered when family members couldn't decide who was just "looking after" her and who she belonged to, currently no one wants the responsibility :-(. Friendly and fine with everyone we've introduced her to. Around 4 years old and 50 pounds.

Bo, handsome Hound boy
3 years   Male

Bo is a bouncing handsome Walker hound, ready to be friends and have some fun! Fine with other dogs, fine with people, a lot of energy on the leash - would like a lot of room to run!

Bell, beautiful blue Pit Bull
4 years   Female/spayed

Bell is handsome big girl, a perfectly blue Pit Bull Terrier with a very unfortunate ear-cropping. Doesn't seem to phase her, she is friendly and wiggly and likely spayed though we have no proof. Around 65 pounds and maybe 4 years old. She was picked up as stray, but neighbors say she was abandoned when people moved away. Poor girl -- such a sweet personality!

Griffin, beautiful female Shep/mix
6 years   Female

Griffin is a surrendered female Shepherd/mix. Friendly and good with other dogs, can be careful with new people, but is learning to assume we are all friends now that has met many different volunteers, male and female. She was surrendered by mom who was looking after her for daughter and daughter won't come get her back as promised. Too energetic for the senior mom to handle, so she needs a new home. 6 years old and around 65 pounds.

Daphne, sweet young mama dog **Foster home**
3 years   Female

Mama Daphne was found emaciated with two pups getting all of the benefit of her nutrition. Filling out and looking better every day now, her pups are ready to be weaned and she is ready to never look back! She is sweet as can be, maybe 3 years old and approaching 45 pounds. Friendly with all, except for cats.

Baxter, bouncing Hound dog
3 years    Male

Baxter is a handsome and bouncy Black and Tan Coonhound, around 3 years old and 50 pounds. Another one who could use some training, he has been good with other dogs and people too -- just bouncy and a bit of a handful on the leash.

Sadie, 3 yr old Rott/mix
3 years   Female

Sadie is a girl with a checkered past. Surrendered for being dog aggressive, she needs a safe place to land -- probably as the only dog. She has been getting better and better with other dogs now that she has been at the shelter a few weeks. The white flecks on her face aren't mud -- that is part of her natural coloring. She's about 3 years old and 50 pounds, Rottweiler/mix.

Susannah, beautiful young Lab/mix
1 year   Female

Susannah is a young and beautiful girl, likely 1 year old and around 50 pounds. Loves everyone (canine and human), tons of energy, and a gorgeous blonde body of fur! She's ready for an energetic family to share her life with.

Lucy, pretty Lab/mix
4 years   Female

Ethel and Lucy were surrendered together. Son went into the service and Dad dumped his dogs at the pound. They are a bit scared of their new situation, but very sweet girls. Friendly with people and other dogs, just a little scared of the new situation they've been thrown into. Around 4 years old and 65 pounds they appear to be Lab/mixes. Lucy's head is more square and she has black splotches on her tongue.

Linus, 4 yr old handsome Hound
4 years   Male/neutered

Linus is a maybe 4 year old Hound/mix, about 65 pounds who was surrendered after his owner passed away. He was very sad at first but has come out of his shell, a very bouncy fellow looking for a new family. Very strong, but walks fine on a leash. Friendly with people and loves playing with other dogs.

Charity, friendly red/white Am Staff/mix
5 years   Female/spayed

Charity has a short history of not being good with other dogs, though she has behaved like a model citizen with us. And she found a friend, another adult female, so maybe she just got a bad rap/rep:

Friendly with people of all sizes she has met with us. Already spayed, and micro-chipped. She is about 5 years old and 50 pounds.

Jeff, big ol' cutie!
4 years   Male

Jeff is a big boy, maybe 80 pounds and 4 years old, looks like a Boxer/Shepherd mix. He has the cutest underbite that shows off some snaggly bottom teeth. Loves people, especially giving hugs. Can be ok with other dogs, but has shown some dominance in certain circumstances.

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