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Madison-Jefferson County Animal Shelter


After you select your new pet from the list below, please contact us immediately!

Phone 812-273-1788
Location 2727 Hannah Drive
Madison, IN
Hours Shelter is open by appointment only
Contact 812-273-1788 to schedule

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~Dry and canned kitten/cat food
~Clay (non-clumping) cat litter
~Paper towels
~Pine Sol
~Laundry detergent
-dry puppy food
-dry dog food
~Heavy duty leashes
~Dog and cat toys (made out of washable material)
~Aluminum cans or other metals to be recycled for money to go to our medical fund

Another great way to help out is through a 𝒎𝒐𝒏𝒆𝒕𝒂𝒓𝒚 𝒅𝒐𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏! You can sponsor an animal, make a donation to our medical fund, or sponsor a spay/neuter! Please make any checks out to Jefferson County Animal Shelter or JCAS.

Donate Steel and Aluminum Cans   

Due to Covid-19, we must institute the following rules concerning can recycling. These rules are designed to keep our staff and volunteers, and the recycling staff all safe.
- Aluminum drink cans must be bagged together , with NO OTHER ALUMINUM IN THE BAG. Rinsed and crushed is always nice, but not necessary.
-Aluminum food cans, aluminum foil and pans must be bagged together. If foil or pans are very dirty, please wash first or dispose of elsewhere.
-Steel cans must be bagged in their own bags. Please wash.
NO bags should contain trash!!!
We cannot recycle your empty Styrofoam cups, your skoal can and spit bottle or your dirty diapers.
We DO NOT recycle glass or plastic, so please do not include it.
This program was instituted by a volunteer to help raise funds for extra medical care of the animals that are brought here; please help keep it going by following the above rules. Help us help the animals!!!

The Staff and Residents of the Jefferson County Animal Shelter


The Jefferson County Animal Shelter is part of the Kroger community rewards program.
To participate, register your Kroger card at and enter organization number FL919 or search for us by the name Madison Jefferson Co Animal Shelter.
Thank You!

Chelly - Adoption Pending


1-3 yrs    Female

3-5 yrs    Female

3-5 yrs    Female

1-3 yrs    Female

2 yrs    Male

10+ yrs    Male

An old fella looking for my nursing home. Don't let my age fool ya, I can still get around and play!

4-6 months    Male

6-9 months    Male

1-3 yrs    Female

Ash - Pending Adoption
1-3 yrs    Female

Spice - pending adoption

Midnight - pending adoption
1-3 yrs    Female

3-5 yrs    Female


Lady Bird - German Shepherd Mix
1 year    Female

Isaac - Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
1-3 yrs    Male

Buggy - Boxer Mix 56lbs
1-3 yrs    Male

Ham Sandwich - Boston Terrier Mix
9-12 months    Male

Remi - American Terrier and Boxer Mix - 50 lbs
1.5 yr    Female

I am a very outgoing and energetic gal. I'm fairly small for my age and probably won't get much bigger. Going for long walk, playtime, and treats are my favorite things about life.

Mouser - Husky Mix - 54 lbs - Adoption Pending
2-4 years    Male

Maui - Hound - 36lbs

Bambi - Staffordshire Terrier

Molly - Retriever Mix 54lbs - Adoption Pending
1-3 yrs    Female

I'm a young, flat coated retriever mix. I'm sociable and friendly. Play well with other dogs and kids. I am kind of timid when you first meet me, but I come out of my shell quickly.

Cody - Retriever/lab mix - 43lbs

Zack - Retriever/lab mix - 49lbs

Caboose - Mountain Curr Mix
3-5 yrs    Male

Moana - Hound - 46lbs
9-12 months    Female

Ron - Anatolian Shepherd
1 yr    Male

Hermione - Anatolian Shepherd
1 yr    Female

Cosmo - Mix breed - 40lbs

Fox - retriever/Lab mix

Seven - Siberian Husky Mix - Adoption Pending


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