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Madison-Jefferson County Animal Shelter


After you select your new pet from the list below, please contact us immediately!

Phone 812-273-1788
Location 2727 Hannah Drive
Madison, IN
Hours Mon, Thurs, Friday --12-5 pm
Tuesday Closed
Wed 1-7 pm
Sat 12-4; Sun 12--3
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Featured Pet Of The Week

My name is "STEVE".

I'm a sweet boy who will be a great family dog.
I'm outgoing, friendly and have a great personality.
I will be gentle and loving with my new family.
I will need daily exercise or playtime.
I especially love to explore the outdoors, though you will need to keep me on leash or behind a fence because I really, really like to explore.
After playtime, I'll be ready to cuddle close to you while you watch TV or read a book.
I'm a 2- to 4-year-old Treeing Walker Coonhound who has a wonderful bay.
I may have been a hunting dog because I have a good prey drive. That means no small animals in my new family, please.
I'm almost finished with an antibiotic to treat Lyme disease.
I came in with a very swollen face and throat. The doctor's office took good care of me.
It was serious, but I'm doing great now!
The staff at the doctor's office said that I'm sweet and they all fell in love with me.
I'm a handsome, tricolored guy (click on me to see my 2nd picture) who weighs 57 lbs.

7/26 10900 N 700 W


I love to play! I especially love to chase things.
I would be a good mouser, if you happen to need one.
I love to explore and be on the go; I don't like to be held and carried around.
I enjoy playing with children when they dangle toys for me to play with and chase.
I'm a sweet girl who is loving and affectionate.
I like other cats and I will tolerate dogs if they leave me alone.
My sleek features and bold stripes make me look exotic.
I'm a 1- to 3-year-old, brown Tabby with white patches.
I came here with my three babies. They're now weaned, so I'm ready for my forever home.

**I'm $45 off my adoption fee, courtesy of the Jefferson County Humane Society.**

7/10 Skyline Dr. in Madison Village
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2017-08-16

"UNCLE SAM" - Pit Bull Terrier mix
1-3 yrs   Male approx 60 lbs.

I'm a big sweetie!
I wiggle all over with joy when greeting you.
I'm a happy, friendly boy who loves attention.
I appear to get along with other dogs and even cats.
I have a dark, chocolate-colored coat. But wait until you get me in the sunlight, then you'll see my brindle stripes.
I'm strong and could use some training to walk well on a leash.
I'm really not enjoying being in a kennel and hope to go home with my new family very soon.

8/1 300 W

"SAL"--Beagle mix
3-5 years   Male 46 lbs.

I'm a friendly, good-natured guy.
I enjoy being outside. My favorite part was rolling around in the grass today.
I'm pretty independent and made the rounds in Hanover before ending up here.
The shelter staff now know how I ended up stray - I climb fences!

8/9 Lagrange Rd. at BP gas station in Hanover

"TRUDY" -- Mountain Cur Mix
1 year   Female 41 lbs.

I'm a sweet, personable girl who loves people.
I will be a great companion for someone looking for a best friend.
I'll enjoy having fun and being active outside once I'm used to my surroundings.
When I was outside the shelter today, I was a bit skittish at the gun fire from the nearby gun range and at the loud trucks going down the street. So, I may need to be introduced slowly to your neighborhood's noises.
I do have a hound bark (uhm, bay) so make sure the neighbors don't mind.
I like to guard my food so it doesn't get taken.
I will need to be kept away from children and other pets when I eat.
I would like to meet your other dogs before you take me home.
I will need a home without cats or other small animals.


"CONAN"--Great Pyrenees *ON HOLD*
1-3 years   Male 72 lbs

I'm really scared here and lean against you for reassurance.
I seem to be a sweet dog that looks to people.
I'm not suitable for livestock guarding as I've attacked goats and cats.
I may need to be an only dog in the family too.
Animal Control has been trying to catch me for awhile.
I was first seen with Brady, another Great Pyrenees who is at the shelter too.

7/12 Brooksburg-Manville Rd

"BRADY" - Great Pyrenees *ON HOLD*
5-7 years   Male 92 lbs

I'm a loving guy that gives great hugs.
I'll gently jump up and wrap my front legs around your shoulders.
I listen intently to you and try to do what you want me to.
I will make a great family pet, but I would not be good as a working dog.
I will go after goats and other animals instead of guarding them.
I may need a home where I'm the only dog. Definitely no cats in my new family.
If you're not familar with Great Pyrenees, please read up on their personality and traits.
This faq is a fun starting place
I've have had at least 3 owners previously.
I deserve a forever home this time with someone who is prepared for a Great Pyrenees in the family.
I'm microchipped, but it does not have a current registration.



ALL CATS & KITTENS ARE $45 OFF courtesy of the Jefferson County Humane Society.
This discount does not apply to cats who have already been spayed or neutered.

"BAHIJ" -- Siamese
1-3 years   Male

I'm a beautiful Siamese and I want a home where I rule.
I'm looking for a home with a high perch where I can lay and survey my kingdom.
I'll come to you for attention, but when I want to.
I love to play, but don't carry me around.
I don't like other cats, but will co-exist with them if they leave me alone.
I don't like dogs, period.
I'm called a Blue Point with my white and gray fur.

6/28 First St.

"CLEECLO"--Tuxedo (Black & White) Short-Hair
9-11 months   Female

I'm a loving and quiet girl who adores people.
I'm one of the staffs' favorites.
I look forward to a home where I can curl up on the couch with you and snuggle.
I'm still a kitten so also very much enjoy playing.
At the shelter, you will find me quietly and patiently waiting in my cage for someone to notice me.
Ask to see me outside my cage and the real loving & playful me shines.

7/12 Craigmont St.

"SOLDIER"--White Short-Hair
3-5 years   Male

I'm still getting used to this place, but I'm starting to warm up a bit. I really love to be petted. Once I really get comfortable, I'm going to need a bath since I was outside a while. My handsome white fur is a bit dirty.

I was found with Sailor and Airman.

8/8 Rykers Ridge

Donate Steel and Aluminum Cans   

Not only can you donate aluminum cans for recycling, you can now DONATE STEEL CANS too!
All we ask is that you rinse out the steel cans really well (we don't want to encourage not-so-adoptable critters to hang out around the shelter) and place them in a separate bag from the aluminum cans.
Drop both types of cans (remember, in separate bags) in the large labeled bin that is on the east side of the shelter - that's to your left when facing the shelter's front door.
Thanks for helping with our four-legged friends' medical needs!

"ALI McCLAW" - Short-Haired White w/Black KITTEN
12-14 wks   Female

I was found with Oprah Whiskers. I love to play and explore!

7/31 Windridge

12 wks   Female


"EMMA CATSON"--Tortoiseshell Short-Hair KITTEN
8-10 weeks   Female

Hairy Potter and Furmoine Granger are my littermates.

7/5 Spruce Lane

"HICCUP" -- Calico Short-Haired KITTEN
4-5 months   Female

I have a few minor injuries.
They're thinking I may have been tossed out of a car last night.
I'm the sweetest girl you could ever meet.
I purr as soon as you love on me.
I'm thin and devoured my food when I got here.
After a few days of healing, I would love to have a loving home and a new family.

7/28 1233 W

"JELLY"--Buff & White Long-Hair KITTEN
8-10 weeks   Male

I was found with Peanut Butter.

8/15 800 W

"MADAM X" -- Orange & White Short-Haired KITTEN
3-4 months   Female

I'm here with my 5 siblings.

7/18 1400 W

"MEOWLY CYRUS"--Brown Tabby Short-Hair KITTEN
8-10 weeks   Female

7/5 Eagle Hollow Rd.

"OPRAH WHISKERS" - Short-Haired White w/ Gray KITTEN
12-14 wks   Female

I came in with Ali McClaw. We are both pretty sweet and now that we've had our baths, we are even cuter!

7/31 Windridge

"PEANUT BUTTER"--Orange & White Long-Hair KITTEN
8-10 weeks   Male

I was found with Jelly.

8/15 800 W

"PICATSO" -- Black Short-Haired KITTEN
3-4 months   Male

I'm here with my 5 siblings.

7/18 1400 W

"RALPH S MEOWS" - Short-hair Black w/ White KITTEN
12 wks   Male


"RAYNE" -- Tortishell Short-Haired KITTEN
4 months   Female

I'm here with my two sisters.
We're scared and need time to adjust.


"SAILOR" - Medium-hair White KITTEN
4-6 months   Male

I'm am still pretty nervous and my first instinct is to run when my kennel is opened.

8/8 Rykers Ridge

"SHAKESPAW" -- Orange & White Short-Haired KITTEN
3-4 months   Male

I'm here with my 5 siblings.

7/18 1400 W

"SKY" -- Black & White Short-Haired KITTEN
4 months   Female

I'm here with my two sisters.
We're scared and need time to adjust.


"STORMY" -- Tabico (Tabby & Calico) Short-Haired KITTEN
4 months   Female

I'm here with my two sisters.
We're scared and need time to adjust.


You Can Help Everytime You Shop

The Jefferson County Animal Shelter is now part of the Kroger rewards program.
To participate, register your Kroger card at and enter NPO number 63224.




Dog Collars--Medium-sized collars are the most used. Hatfield Control Collars (available at Walmart) are a favorite. Otherwise metal clasps are preferred for strength.
Leashes--strong leashes are preferred.
Toys--Especially strong dog toys like Kong, Orka, Nylabones. And feathered toys for the cats.
Kitty Litter--basic clay, not the more expensive scoopable or clumping
Food--Dog/Puppy & Cat/Kitten dry or canned food.
Dawn Dish Soap - the original kind
Tweezers--with strong points
Paper Towels
Aluminum Cans for Recycling--the money is used for the shelter animal medical fund.
Gas Gift Cards--Helps to offset costs of transferring unadopted pets to other adoption agencies.
Money--always useful for medical needs for injured/sick pets, spaying & neutering, supplies, building updates & maintenance.

Support the Jefferson County Animal Shelter   

Get the Cell Phone App at and "Take Your Walk for a Dog" every day.

Support the shelter simply by walking your dog. Use the App each time you grab for the leash. It's healthy for you, your dog, and the homeless pets in the shelter.

After you download the app onto your phone, take the phone with you when you walk your dog(s). Simply press the start button and the app will keep track of all your walks. For every mile you walk, a donation is made to us. Easy!

Click on the Download on the App Store button at the top of the page at, install the free App, and start "Taking your Walk for a Dog" every day.

NOT available for adoption   

You'll find me literally hanging out in the front lobby or in the shelter director's office (I'm her kitty).
I have a silly personality and you'll find me about anywhere.
Sometimes I'll be taking a nap on the floor and you'll have to step around me.
Sometimes I'll be visiting with the other cats & kittens....usually playing with them through the top of their cages.
And sometimes I'll be "helping" at the desk.



"BU", our shelter cat, went across the rainbow bridge Monday May 22 from cancer.
Bu greeted visitors with love and playfulness, helped at the front desk with paperwork,
let the incoming pets know it was going to be okay, and tested the dogs for cat-friendliness.
But most of all Bu was friend, family & coworker to shelter employees and volunteers.
Bu is short for Shinobu which means to endure.
He will be missed and will endure in our hearts!
Bu was 17 years old.


(prices vary by veterinary clinic)

Unaltered Animal = $25 Adoption Fee + prepayment of spay/neuter & rabies vaccination.
Altered Animal = $45 Adoption Fee + rabies vaccination fee

Minimum $30 - Maximum $50
*Owners must show proof of rabies vaccination within 10 days

Over 12 weeks = $15 + proof of current rabies vaccination
Litter of 3 or less, under 12 weeks = $20
Litter of 4 or more, under 12 weeks = $25
*No aggressive or obviously ill animals will be accepted into the shelter. All litters must be weaned.

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