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Phone 812-273-1788
Location 2727 Hannah Drive
Madison, IN
Hours Mon, Thurs, Friday --12-5 pm
Tuesday Closed
Wed 1-7 pm
Sat 12-4; Sun 12--3
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My name is "ASHES".

I'm an affectionate gal who loves to go for walks.
Being outside is my favorite thing so I can smell all the smells.
I just love to walk with my nose to the ground searching for the best scent.
I think I would enjoy hunting as I like to be active and working.
If you're not a hunter, I'd also enjoy being a watch dog.
I'll bark and let you know if someone is coming or something different is happening.
If you're looking for a companion and friend, I definitely enjoy a good cuddle.
Just remember I love to be outside and that neighbors will need to appreciate my vocal bark.
I struggle if I'm tied-out, so please don't confine me that way as I could injure myself.
I get along with other dogs. However, I will chase cats.
Food motivates me to learn new things, so that will help with any training you give me.
I'm a 3- to 5-year-old Plott Hound mix that weighs 64 lbs.

10/11 Tull Rd
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"DRAC"--Boxer mix PUPPY
9-11 months   Male 40 lbs.

I'm still young so I have a lot of puppy energy but with some training I'm sure I would catch on quick.
Especially since I listen to you and try hard to do what you want me to.
I've learned to walk pretty well on leash while being at the shelter.
I have a beautiful coat and enjoy being brushed and loved on.
When I came in I wasn't very trusting of people and the new environment. Now that I am getting more attention from humans I'm beginning to realize how fun having a new home where I get lots of attention would be.
I wasn't used to consistent meals so now that I know I will be fed regularly I'm much calmer.
I have been around other dogs and seem to get along with them.
Please have the staff check me out with cats, I seemed pretty interested in them when I walked through the front lobby.
I absolutely panicked when I was tied-out for pictures and the cable had to be quickly unhooked. So, please don't plan to use a tie-out to contain me.
I was named Dracula since I came in right before Halloween....but you can just call me Drac now.

10/10 W Main St.

"JASON"--Boxer mix - NEUTERED
2-3 years   Male 73 lbs.

I need an active owner who is looking for a companion to do lots of things with.
I don't want a boring life. I want to explore, have adventures, and be with my best friend.
Doesn't this sound like the life we all want to have?
I'm a loving, well-mannered dog when I get exercise.
I'm laid-back and know basic commands. I even know how to shake hands.
However, if I don't get my exercise, I will run and burn off the energy by myself.
This means I'll slip past you when you open the door, dig under the fence, or break my tie-out so I can run around the neighborhood.
I'm just looking for someone to play with.
I do great with all sizes of humans, but there should be no small animals in my new family as I've been known to attack cats and rabbits.

**I'm up-to-date on vaccinations and NEUTERED. My adoption fee is just $45.**


"ASPEN"--Pit Bull Terrier mix PUPPY
6 months   Female 47 lbs.

I'm very playful and would love to learn some tricks. I'm a happy and energetic PUPPY!

I was found with Spooky and Alishia.

11/13 Greenbriar and Shady Nook in Hanover

"ALISHIA"--Pit Bull Terrier mix PUPPY
6 months   Female 44 lbs.

I've got puppy energy like my sister, but I'm overall the calmer of the two. I am very intent on pleasing you and watching what you are doing so that I know what I'm supposed to do. I'm smart and would really like to learn.

I was found with Spooky and Aspen.

11/13 Greenbriar and Shady Nook in Hanover

"NUTMEG"--Labrador Retriever mix PUPPY *ADOPTION PENDING*
10-12 weeks   Female 21 lbs.

I'm a BIG baby! I love belly rubs and treats and I would love to learn and play. I'm going to grow into these big paws, so I'm going to be a very big girl when I grow up!

I was found with Cider.

11/14 Thompson Rd.

"CIDER"--Labrador Retriever mix PUPPY *ADOPTION PENDING*
10-12 weeks   Male 20 lbs.

Like my sister, I'm going to grow into these huge paws and be a BIG boy! I sit nicely for treats and would love to play and learn with you.
I was found with Nutmeg.

11/14 Thompson Rd.

"BLESSING" - Labrador Retriever *ADOPTION PENDING*
3-5 yrs   Female 63 lbs

I'm a calm girl with nice manners. I walk well on a leash and know how to "sit".

11/15 E. 4th St.

"APPLE"--Boxer mix - ON HOLD
1-3 years    Female 56 lbs.

I'm a little shy, but very gentle.
I am calm and polite when you come visit me in my kennel.
I will wait patiently while you put on my leash and am well-behaved on a leash while walking.
I'm a very smart girl! I know "sit", "shake", and "down". I even can give both paws on command.
I take treats very gently and love to be near my human.
The shelter is intimidating to me and I’ll feel more secure when I’m finally home.
I’m curious about new things. I came across a cat toy and I tried to figure out how to play with it.
Then I met the cat! I actually started to shake.
The staff aren’t sure whether I was scared or happy to meet a new friend, but I wasn’t planning to be mean.

10/31 Hanover Saluda Rd.


ALL CATS & KITTENS ARE $45 OFF courtesy of the Jefferson County Humane Society.
This discount does not apply to cats who have already been spayed or neutered.

"CAPTAIN FLUFF"--Gray Long-Hair

11/17 450 W & Chicken Run Rd

"CASEY"--Gray Tabby with White & Black Short-Hair
1 year   Female

11/11 Deputy Pike

"FOREST"--Black & White Short-Hair
2-3 years   Female

I have beautiful green like trees in a forest.
I'm a cuddly girl who will rub up against you gently.
I came here with my kittens Foliage, Folia, and Folly.

11/6 Green Rd

"MIDNIGHT"--Black Short-Hair
1 year   Female

I was found in a box with Sassy.

11/10 N. Walnut St.

"RAVEN" - Short-hair Black
2-3 yrs   Female

10/24 SR 62 Madison

"ROSEMARY" - Gray Tabby Short-Hair
1-3 years   Female

I was found with my 5 kittens. We are now all ready for our own homes!

10/10 Middlefork Rd

"SAMWELL" - Short-Hair Orange Tabby
1-3 years   Male

I'm looking for a quiet home without a lot of excitement.
I'm a staff favorite because I'm all purrs and kisses when I'm out of my cage.
I'm a very loving and affectionate boy after I get to know you.
I've discovered that I especially like my ears scritched.
I love other cats and would really enjoy having a furry friend in my new home.
I've been told it's precious how gentle and caring I am with the other cats at the shelter.
Dogs, however, are too much for me to handle.
I also would not be good with a lot of small children, I would hide all the time from the commotion and noise.
My ideal home would allow me to sunbathe in a window or curl up on someone's lap.

9/18 Ryker's Ridge

"SHADOW"--Tortoiseshell Short-Hair
1-2 years   Female

10/27 Dugan Hollow Rd

"SISSY"--Gray Tabby Short-Hair
5-7 years   Female

11/13 Sissy Lane in Hanover

"SPIRIT"--Black & White Medium Hair
9-11 months   Female

10/27 Jefferson St. at the Courthouse

"STUFFING"--Black Short-Hair
9-11 months   Female

I'm a gentle girl with a vibrating purr.
I'm a loving kitty who enjoys attention.

11/7 Twin Falls Rd

Donate Steel and Aluminum Cans   

Not only can you donate aluminum cans for recycling, you can now DONATE STEEL CANS too!
All we ask is that you rinse out the steel cans really well (we don't want to encourage not-so-adoptable critters to hang out around the shelter) and place them in a separate bag from the aluminum cans.
Drop both types of cans (remember, in separate bags) in the large labeled bin that is on the east side of the shelter - that's to your left when facing the shelter's front door.
Thanks for helping with our four-legged friends' medical needs!

"SABRINA" - Medium-Hair Black w/ white KITTEN - SPAYED
4-5 months   Female

I have a large white patch on my belly.

**I'm SPAYED and up-to-date on vaccinations. My adoption fee is $45.**

10/2 Wirt

"RALPH S MEOWS" - Short-hair Black w/ White KITTEN - NEUTERED
5 months   Male

**I'm NEUTERED and up-to-date on my vaccinations. My adoption fee is $45.**


"RAINCOAT"--Black Short-Hair KITTEN
4-5 months   Female

I will purr my contentment when you hold me.
I enjoy exploring too.

11/2 Madison Ave. in Hanover

"VICTORIA" - Short-hair KITTEN
8 weeks   Female

I'm here with my brother...I'm the one who's all black.

10/12 Brushy Fork Rd.

"SAGE" - Short-hair Tabby KITTEN
10-12 wks   Male

I'm friendly and playful.

11/8 Osage Dr.

"REAPER" - Short-hair Gray & White KITTEN
9-11 wks   Male

I look a lot like my brother, Rasputin, but I'm the one with the gray patch on my left front leg.

I'm here with my brothers and sister and we have lots of fun playing and exploring!

10/11 Middlefork Rd.

"RASPUTIN" - Short-hair Gray & White KITTEN
9-11 wks   Male

I look a lot like my brother, Reaper, but I have a white collar around my neck.

I'm here with my brothers and sister and we have lots of fun playing and exploring!

10/11 Middlefork Rd.

"HAZEL"--Tortoiseshell Short-Hair KITTEN


"FOLLY"--Brown Tabby Short-Hair KITTEN
8-10 weeks   Female

I'm lighter brown than my sisters Folia and Foliage.
It's so much fun to watch the three of us'll want to adopt us all.

11/6 Green Rd.

"FOLIA"--Brown Tabby Short-Hair KITTEN
8-10 weeks   Female

I'm the medium-brown sister. I purr more than my sisters Foliage and Folly.
It's so much fun to watch the three of us'll want to adopt us all.

11/6 Green Rd.

"CHUCKY" - Short-hair Black w/ White KITTEN
8 wks   Male

I'm here with my sister. I look like I'm all black, but I have some white on my back paws.

10/12 Brushy Fork

"BOOTS" - Short-hair Black KITTEN
8-10 wks   Male

11/2 Banta Ave.

You Can Help Everytime You Shop

The Jefferson County Animal Shelter is now part of the Kroger rewards program.
To participate, register your Kroger card at and enter NPO number 63224.




Dog Collars--Medium-sized collars are the most used. Hatfield Control Collars (available at Walmart) are a favorite. Otherwise metal clasps are preferred for strength.
Leashes--strong leashes are preferred.
Toys--Especially strong dog toys like Kong, Orka, Nylabones. And feathered toys for the cats.
Kitty Litter--basic clay, not the more expensive scoopable or clumping
Food--Dog/Puppy & Cat/Kitten dry or canned food.
Dawn Dish Soap - the original kind
Tweezers--with strong points
Paper Towels
Aluminum Cans for Recycling--the money is used for the shelter animal medical fund.
Gas Gift Cards--Helps to offset costs of transferring unadopted pets to other adoption agencies.
Money--always useful for medical needs for injured/sick pets, spaying & neutering, supplies, building updates & maintenance.

Support the Jefferson County Animal Shelter   

Get the Cell Phone App at and "Take Your Walk for a Dog" every day.

Support the shelter simply by walking your dog. Use the App each time you grab for the leash. It's healthy for you, your dog, and the homeless pets in the shelter.

After you download the app onto your phone, take the phone with you when you walk your dog(s). Simply press the start button and the app will keep track of all your walks. For every mile you walk, a donation is made to us. Easy!

Click on the Download on the App Store button at the top of the page at, install the free App, and start "Taking your Walk for a Dog" every day.

NOT available for adoption   

You'll find me literally hanging out in the front lobby or in the shelter director's office (I'm her kitty).
I have a silly personality and you'll find me about anywhere.
Sometimes I'll be taking a nap on the floor and you'll have to step around me.
Sometimes I'll be visiting with the other cats & kittens....usually playing with them through the top of their cages.
And sometimes I'll be "helping" at the desk.



"BU", our shelter cat, went across the rainbow bridge Monday May 22 from cancer.
Bu greeted visitors with love and playfulness, helped at the front desk with paperwork,
let the incoming pets know it was going to be okay, and tested the dogs for cat-friendliness.
But most of all Bu was friend, family & coworker to shelter employees and volunteers.
Bu is short for Shinobu which means to endure.
He will be missed and will endure in our hearts!
Bu was 17 years old.


(prices vary by veterinary clinic)

Unaltered Animal = $25 Adoption Fee + prepayment of spay/neuter & rabies vaccination.
Altered Animal = $45 Adoption Fee + rabies vaccination fee

Minimum $30 - Maximum $50
*Owners must show proof of rabies vaccination within 10 days

Over 12 weeks = $15 + proof of current rabies vaccination
Litter of 3 or less, under 12 weeks = $20
Litter of 4 or more, under 12 weeks = $25
*No aggressive or obviously ill animals will be accepted into the shelter. All litters must be weaned.

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