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Madison-Jefferson County Animal Shelter


After you select your new pet from the list below, please contact us immediately!

Phone 812-273-1788
Location 2727 Hannah Drive
Madison, IN
Hours Mon, Thurs, Friday --12-5 pm
Tuesday Closed
Wed 1-7 pm
Sat 12-4; Sun 12--3
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Featured Pet Of The Week

My name is "JESSUP".

I'm starting to feel depressed and that no one wants me.
I lie with my back to my cage door and ignore potential adopters walking by.
You should see the change in me when someone opens my door!
I'll jump up and am ready for play or love.
I'm 2- to 3-years-old and enjoy running around chasing feathered toys or batting toy mice around.
I can be quite a character.
I also enjoy snuggling and being brushed is a treat for me too.
Ideally my new home will have a perch for me where I can lie in the sun.
Please come visit me and ask for me to come out of my cage.
I'm a 10 lbs, black and white male with very pretty markings.

1/6 Jessup Lane
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More Pets Who Need Homes     Last updated  2017-02-24

"PORSCHE"--Plott Hound mix PUPPY
9-11 months   Female 40 lbs

I'm a sweet & loving girl.
I'm a friendly girl that will greet you warmly.
I'm still a puppy, so I have some playful energy.
However, I'm well-behaved so I don't jump up on you and I walk nicely on a leash.
I will be a good family member for any home.
I was found sleeping on someone's front porch.

2/8 410 N

Saturday, April 1   Race begins at 8 a.m.

Late registration is $25 (and you're not guaranteed a tee shirt!).

Registration forms can be picked up at the shelter or copied at our Facebook page "Jefferson County Animal Shelter - Madison, Indiana".
Please make your check out to JCAS Building Fund.

Four-legged canine family members are welcome to join in.
Proof of rabies vaccination is required.

"SHEILA"--German Shepherd mix
1 year   Female approx 50 lbs.

I'm a friendly and well-behaved gal.
I'm still a puppy and like to have fun.
You'll enjoy sharing in the fun.
I had a skin infection when I came to the shelter. I'm all better now!
The vet wants you to keep using a medicated shampoo to give me a bath until my hair all grows back in.

1/31 Audubon Park

"CHOCO" - Labrador Retriever mix
5-6 years   Male 71 lbs

I'm a really friendly boy.
Even at 71 lbs, I'm underweight.
I feel a bit under the weather right now.
The good news is that my heartworm test came back negative.
I'm that pretty chocolate shade that everyone wants.

2/13 Taft

"TASHA"--Shar Pei mix
7-8 year   Female 48 lbs.

I'm a quiet lady that warms up to you over time.
Spend some time with me and I perk up quite a bit.
I'm well-behaved and seem to even be house-trained.
I have a yeast skin infection that is being treated (this is common to my breed).
The vet says the infection is probably from a food allergy and to be prepared to feed me special food that is more expensive than typical dog food.
I'm a beautiful chocolate color.

2/16 Route 62 at King's Daughters' Hospital

"LYRIC"--German Shepherd mix
5-7 years   Female 60 lbs.

2/20 S. River Bottom Rd.

"WHITNEY"--Pit Bull Terrier mix
1-3 years   Female 57 lbs

2/21 Meadowside Court wearing a collar

"JETHRO"--Treeing Walker Coonhound
2-3 years   Male 65 lbs.

I'm good with kids...the family that found me says I was great with their young son (who called me Tex).
I need a physical fence to keep me home, an invisible fence doesn't stop me from exploring the neighborhood.

2/22 Route 7

"PEYTON"--Husky mix PUPPY
6-9 months   Female

They know who my owner is and are trying to contact her.

2/22 Route 22

"SIMBA"--German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix
1-2 years   Male 61 lbs.

I have red, fluffy fur.

2/23 Chicken Run Rd wearing a collar

"JOEY"--Border Collie mix
3-5 years   Male 46 lbs.

2/24 Middlefork Rd

"SERASEN"--Labrador Retriever mix
3 years   Male 71 lbs

I'm being treated after testing positive for a tick-borne disease.


"SHERLOCK"--Minature Pinscher (Min Pin) mix PUPPY - ADOPTION PENDING
5 months   Male

2/22 Route 356

"POETRY"--Labrador Retriever mix PUPPY *ADOPTION PENDING*
3-4 months   Female 24 lbs

I was found with Primrose.
I'm said to have killed a chicken. So it's best that my new home not have poultry.

2/21 Route 62

8-10 weeks   Female 9 lbs

I was found with Poetry.

2/21 Route 62

3 months   Female

Meet Bella, Katie, and Princess. They were born at the Animal Shelter in November. It has been a tough go for these girls. Mom developed an infection and quickly stopped producing milk, requiring the girls to be bottle fed. They were placed in foster care, where another litter mate did not make it. A thorough inspection by a veterinarian indicated some developmental issues. Though 3 months old, Bella has only recently gotten her front teeth. All three had their back teeth emerge before the front teeth.
While most Yorkies live long, healthy lives, Yorkies and other small breed dogs are known for a multitude of health problems including luxating patellas, weakened collapsing tracheas, hypothyroidism, and dental issues. The annual cost of care for one of these dogs, outside of food and grooming, averages $500. They must start annual dental exams/cleanings by the time they are 3 or 4 yrs. old.
Due to potential issues with their health in the future, the Animal Shelter will adopt these 3 babies out by application only. The girls will be at the shelter most days during the adoption hours so that you can visit them and learn each distinct personality. Applications will be available to be filled out at the shelter or can be emailed or faxed to the shelter. Applications will be accepted through Friday, February 24, 2017.

"BELLA" - Yorkie mix PUPPY - **SPECIAL NEEDS**
3 months   Female

I'm Bella, and though I'm one of the largest puppies, I developed slowest physically. I'm the most independent, and enjoy playing by myself. I will take attention on my terms. I'm also the most vocal, using my voice to let my sisters know when I'm not happy with them. My foster momma tells me I'm doing very well with puppy pad training!
*You must fill out an application to be considered for my permanent home.

3 months   Female

I'm Katie, and I'm the biggest puppy. I'm very laid back and happy-go-lucky. I like to play with my sisters, but if you would like to give me a belly rub, I'll happily leave them and come to you. I use my voice to entice my sisters to play! Momma says I'm doing okay with puppy pad training.
*You must fill out an application to be considered for my permanent home.

3 months   Female

Hi! I'm Princess and I live up to my name. I'm the smallest puppy, but I own the world! I don't bark at my sisters; it's much more efficient to bite them! I'm the busybody and I love to explore. I'll explore your face with kisses (I reserve the teeth for play with my sisters), and would love for you to rock me to sleep. Puppy pads? What are those?
*You must fill out an application to be considered for my permanent home.

"RILEY"--Terrier mix - ON HOLD
Senior 10+ years   Male

I went to the vet, they found I have some major dental issues, a urinary tract infection, and a slight heart murmur.
I will need a dental right away and the shelter has started me on antibiotics.
And they found out I'm heart worm negative. Oh yea!
I'm not blind, but do have some clouding in my eyes from age.
I got groomed!

2/18 Clifty Dr. at Taco Bell wearing a collar

"MARIE"--Redtick (English) Coonhound mix - ON HOLD
2-3 years   Female 54 lbs.

I'm a friendly girl that will first and foremost want love and attention.
I do love to run too. So a large yard would be great....with a fence to keep me home so I don't become a stray again.
I'm used to being outside and will need to be trained to be a house dog.
I have coonhound instincts and won't do well with cats or other small animals in my household.
Please come visit me, my ticking is a work of art.

12/6 Smokey Rd.

Announcing a new way to HELP WITH OUR MEDICAL FUND:
Donate Steel and Aluminum Cans   

Not only can you donate aluminum cans for recycling, you can now DONATE STEEL CANS too!
All we ask is that you rinse out the steel cans really well (we don't want to encourage not-so-adoptable critters to hang out around the shelter) and place them in a separate bag from the aluminum cans.
Drop both types of cans (remember, in separate bags) in the large labeled bin that is on the east side of the shelter - that's to your left when facing the shelter's front door.
Thanks for helping with our four-legged friends' medical needs!

"HUGO"--Brown Tabby Short-Hair
3-5 years   Male 12 1/2 lbs.

I'm a big guy!

1/27 Quail Dr.

"LAVERNE"--Brown Tabby Short-Hair KITTEN
5-6 months   Female

Shirley is my sister. We're still getting settled in.

2/15 Vine St.

"RED"--Orange & White Long-Hair
1-3 years   Male 10 lbs

I'm a big, friendly guy who loves attention. I like to be petted and I'd really like a good grooming to get rid of these knots and burrs I've gotten.

1/27 Quail Dr.

"SHIRLEY"--Black Short-Hair KITTEN
5-6 months   Female

Laverne is my sister. We're still getting settled in.

2/15 Vine St.

"SISSY"--Black Short-Hair
1 year   Female 8 lbs

I'm a very playful gal who will entertain you with my antics.
I'm curious and enjoying exploring new things.
I like to be independent and am pretty self-sufficient.
I don't like being caged here at the shelter.
I can be a bit fussy with the other cats, possibly because I'm frustrated at being in a cage.

1/3 Geyman Hill

"TERRAN"--Gray & White Short-Hair
3-5 years   Male

2/23 Canaan Main Cross St. in Canaan

"WIGGLES" - Black Medium-Hair
1 yr   Female 5 lbs

I'm a talking and I love to have my ears scratched. I'm not very happy about all these noisy dogs around here...they make me nervous.

2/6 Main St. (Madison)

"THOMAS"--Orange Tabby Short-Hair - NOT AVAILABLE
2-3 years   Male

I was found left in an apartment after my family moved. I'm big and very friendly.

1/24 Ovo Dr.

"STORM"--Calico Short-Hair - IN FOSTER CARE
1-3 years   Female 6 lbs.

Surprise! I was pregnant and had my babies 12/20.
We'll be available once the kittens are weaned.

I'm a sweet girl when I feel comfortable with my surroundings.
But I just don't like my picture taken....they've tried twice now and I just don't want to smile for the camera.

12/9 Route 62

You Can Help Everytime You Shop

The Jefferson County Animal Shelter is now part of the Kroger rewards program.
To participate, register your Kroger card at and enter NPO number 63224.




Dog Collars--Medium-sized collars are the most used. Hatfield Control Collars (available at Walmart) are a favorite. Otherwise metal clasps are preferred for strength.
Leashes--strong leashes are preferred.
Toys--Especially strong dog toys like Kong, Orka, Nylabones. And feathered toys for the cats.
Kitty Litter--basic clay, not the more expensive scoopable or clumping
Food--Dog/Puppy & Cat/Kitten dry or canned food.
Dawn Dish Soap - the original kind
Tweezers--with strong points
Paper Towels
Aluminum Cans for Recycling--the money is used for the shelter animal medical fund.
Gas Gift Cards--Helps to offset costs of transferring unadopted pets to other adoption agencies.
Money--always useful for medical needs for injured/sick pets, spaying & neutering, supplies, building updates & maintenance.

Support the Jefferson County Animal Shelter   

Get the Cell Phone App at and "Take Your Walk for a Dog" every day.

Support the shelter simply by walking your dog. Use the App each time you grab for the leash. It's healthy for you, your dog, and the homeless pets in the shelter.

After you download the app onto your phone, take the phone with you when you walk your dog(s). Simply press the start button and the app will keep track of all your walks. For every mile you walk, a donation is made to us. Easy!

Click on the Download on the App Store button at the top of the page at, install the free App, and start "Taking your Walk for a Dog" every day.

NOT available for adoption   

You'll find me literally hanging out in the front lobby or in the shelter director's office (I'm her kitty).
I have a silly personality and you'll find me about anywhere.
Sometimes I'll be taking a nap on the floor and you'll have to step around me.
Sometimes I'll be visiting with the other cats & kittens....usually playing with them through the top of their cages.
And sometimes I'll be "helping" at the desk.

NOT available for adoption   

I hang out here and make sure things go smoothly.
I get my head scratches.
I get kitty treats.
I get loved on.
I love to help fill out paperwork!
I also try to re-assure all of the new residents, and let them know they are going to be safe & warm now.


(prices vary by veterinary clinic)

Unaltered Animal = $25 Adoption Fee + prepayment of spay/neuter & rabies vaccination.
Altered Animal = $45 Adoption Fee + rabies vaccination fee

Minimum $30 - Maximum $50
*Owners must show proof of rabies vaccination within 10 days

Over 12 weeks = $15 + proof of current rabies vaccination
Litter of 3 or less, under 12 weeks = $20
Litter of 4 or more, under 12 weeks = $25
*No aggressive or obviously ill animals will be accepted into the shelter. All litters must be weaned.

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